Dog Yeast Infection Cure – Dog Yeast Infection Ears!

If your dog has a yeast infection, it may be that your dog has a weak immune system and will be vulnerable to problems with yeast. When the immune system is weak, it lessens the good bacteria and yeast changes to a full blown yeast infection in dogs. The odor of yeast is noticeable especially in dogs.

You might think it is wax since it is brown in color and thick and it can go untreated.

Yeast infection targets the ears, feet and anal parts of a dog’s body. Anywhere that is moist will attract yeast. Dogs that have this infection usually have an excess of oil on the skin. The yeast loves this kind of oily skin texture. Extreme itching and irritation is also a product of yeast infection in dogs. Learn more at Yeast Infection Dog Ear.

If your dog has an infection, be sure that you have to do things such as always keeping your dog clean. If the dog is outdoors in the rain or snow, make sure you bring him or her inside and thoroughly dry them especially in between the toes and behind the ears. The dog’s bedding should also be kept dry.

Poor diet and a weak immune system is a serious cause for dogs yeast infection.

Start feeding your dog premium food or a raw diet. Use food that has allergy blend if your dog is allergic to anything including yeast infection.

Use shampoo with less grease when bathing your dog. Yeast thrives on moisture. Antibiotics will only worsen the yeast infection and cause recurring yeast infection. Using natural baby wipes on your dog each day can help. If you can find one that has aloe as part of the ingredient, that would be helpful. You can also try enzyme supplements along with the premium diet.

Here is a homeopathic yeast infection remedy to try:
Use rubbing alcohol – about four ounces and mix it with two tablespoon of boric acid and a tablespoon of glycerine. You can put this in a dropper and administer two drops in each of your dog’s ear. Use this weekly until the dog ear yeast infection clears up.

Learn about how to cure dog yeast infection here at Yeast Infection Dog Ear.

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