Dogs age at approximately 7x the rate humans do. So it’s not surprising that your dog should have a physical examination at least every seven “dog years”–that’s every year in human terms. And as your pet becomes middle-aged–that’s over 40 in people years or over 6 in dog years–physicals are recommended twice a year. “Not […]

Most often when we think of animal care, we’re looking for traditional pet supplies, like food or medication. How many of us, then, consider what it takes to care for birds that visit our back yard feeders? There are hundreds of squirrel proof bird feeders, but do any of them actually work? Squirrels are intelligent, […]

Dogs are with human being since thousands of years. Dogs have remained faithful and have maintained good relationship with us. On the other hand human being has kept testing dogs in regular periods. Dogs can play different role or can help to do the things as taught by the master. Quick Note: Get your Dog […]

We all love our pets. And in the purchase of, say, typical pet supplies or dog food, we might tend toward feeling that money is no object. This can even be so when shopping for animal medications. However, the good news is that you can still provide high quality care for your beloved pet while […]

Pet store franchise is attracted enormous people recently. It does so since the demand of pets are growing and growing now. Nevertheless, if the complicated of the pet store franchise puzzle you, you could also still have a pet store by starting from scratch. Nevertheless, there is some information you need to know to select […]

One of the rewarding parts of having a pet is the ability to travel with them. However, let’s be honest. Sometimes pets can be a hassle, and sometimes it’s relaxing to have some time away from them. Furthermore, think of it from your pet’s vantage point. Traveling is stressful for animals. Comfortable travel is usually […]

Pet store business plan can not be ignored if you are arranging to make a pet store. Make certain that the pet store business plan that you have designed will help you so much in making easier your steps in opening a pet store. Just take a look! Getting A Good Landlord A quality pet […]

A majority of conscientious pet owners like to dress up their dogs. This makes their dog look cute and noticeable amongst others. Being a dog owner, you must detect the pros and cons of putting clothes on your dog. Some of the clothes may comfort your best friend, while others may annoy him. You should […]

The kind of shampoo may differ from one dog to another, just like human beings. Like us, dogs also have difference in their skin types. If you use an incorrect shampoo for your dog, then it may cause various dermal ailments to your dog such as skin irritation. Give your dog the best, go to […]

All over the world, you will find dogs having a very good place in the house of many families. Most of these families have the tendency to have dogs in their life only to have joy. People mostly have to go through a lot of stress in their daily life. Give your dog the best, […]

Sporting Events For My Dog

December 1st, 2008

You may want to check out some blowout sales on dog supplies. Are you the athletic type that has considered starting a sports activity program that you and your dog can both enjoy together? Would you like to see him jump high into the air and catch a high-speed disc or retrieve a ball thrown […]

Trying to find that special present in the middle of Christmas season may seem a lot to handle. When your list is longer than you are tall, your brain tends to freeze up in the idea department. In general, purchasing before the rush will make your life much easier. Always make a list of your […]