Having hamsters can be an enriching part of any homeschooling family’s curriculum. Hamsters are appealing as pets, plus they are easy to maintain and require very little living space. They can not only be used as a part of your science curriculum, but can be used for any subject – math, language arts, social studies, […]

My dog’s wardrobe was full of special attires and accessories. My son is very fond of Valley. He is so fond of his pet Valley that he wants him to be beside him most of the time or every time possible. Even when he is doing his studies, Valley has to accompany him and even […]

Thanksgiving can be a great time of year. It’s the start of the holiday season, a time for family and close friends to get together to appreciate each other and eat great food. Everyone has a great time enjoying each other’s company. However, if you are the host or hostess for the event, Thanksgiving can […]

Dog Allergies Information

January 23rd, 2009

If you are one of the many allergy sufferers you know who miserable it can make you. Now imagine your dog suffering from allergies and how miserable she must be. She cannot complain and she cannot ask for help. So as responsible dog owners it is up to us to figure out when she is […]

You could have a small yard or a huge yard; it makes no difference to a dog, especially a curious puppy. They are all escape artists! Investing in a dog fence doesn’t only keep your dog safetly in your own yard and keeps them from running stray, but they also protect your pooch from other […]

Some believe that an electronic collar is not safe for their dogs and in fact, believe they are inhumane. Before you make that decision you should do your homework and you’ll quickly discover that they are not only effective, but they are safe and a perfectly humane tool for training your dog. One of the […]

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Dog Food Feeding Tips

January 10th, 2009

Do you consider it time consuming to prepare food for your pet? Or you just don’t have the luxury of time for it? How about if you find out that your pup’s life will be extended for a little longer? Wouldn’t you change your mind? Preparing homemade dog food has a lot of benefits. The […]

If you enjoy gardening, you are not alone. Each year, millions of Americans grow a garden. If you are interested in becoming one of those individuals, you may need to purchase some supplies. These gardening accessories may not only make gardening easier, but they may also help to produce better results. Just remember that gardens […]