CPR Tips For Your Dog

It is the scariest nightmare for all pet owners to see their pup or dog lying unconscious or writhing in pain after an accident, poisoning, electric shock or choking. Most people will start panicking if they encounter such a situation and will not know what to do. Unfortunately this inactivity on your part will prove fatal for your dog. Of course most of us don’t even want to think about such a horrendous possibility but eventualities come without a warning. Check out wheeled pet carrier or dog treat containers for your dog.

So to prepare you to tackle any emergency that you may encounter in reference to your pet, let’s talk about the procedures to administer CPR and basic artificial respiration to your dog. Of course you will have to take him to the vet in case of a grievous injury but this knowledge may save his life before you take him to the vet. Most pet owners are also strongly advised to take a class on first aid for dogs so that you can treat your dog immediately in case of an emergency. This elevated dog bowls will be great for your dog.

1. You will have to administer CPR if you find your puppy lying unconscious on the floor and you cannot feel a heartbeat. So before you do anything else place your ear or hand against your puppy’s chest and try to feel his heart beat. if you cannot feel it then follow the basic CPR steps given below-

• Your hand should be on the puppy’s chest. Incase it is a large dog than roll him onto his side
• Once you have your hand on the area of the heart start compressing it with your hand in short bursting movements. You should apply one compression per second
• Then start artificial respiration by administering a breadth of air every six seconds. If everything goes well your puppy will start breathing again.

2. The next step is to see if there is any foreign object that is restricting the wind pipe. If there is blood or mucus oozing out of your dog’s mouth clean it with a cloth

3. Pull the puppies tongue out and close his mouth gently to avoid choking

4. You will have to stop the air from escaping from the mouth. In order to do so pull the lips over the dog’s mouth and hold them down by wrapping your hand around the dog’s chin.

5. Use your other hand to create an airtight funnel to the dog’s nostrils.

6. Now breathe deeply and exhale the air gently into the puppy’s nose. You will have to repeat this action every six seconds

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