Dogs are men’s best friends – this is a universal fact that has been known to us since time immemorial There are a lot of stories that speak of the dog’s faithfulness and courage in defending their masters. In taking care of your dog, it is necessary to obtain him/her a room of his/her own […]

You need a training collar that works as hard as your working dog works for you. The Tritronics Sport series are the most durable training collars on today’s market, being one hundred percent waterproof and designed to take the abuse given them by an active working dog. Hunting dogs dive through underbrush, jump into mud, […]

We have bypassed the times where dog collars can qualify as fashion statement of your dog. The canine fashion trends are easily as exciting as our human clothes. There are trendiest dog clothes that come in unique trends and designs that will surely make your pet dog as fashionable as you are. Dog fashion industry […]

Being a true pet lover you will be concerned about maintaining your dog’s coat and hair, and be sure that it is healthy and glossy. Providing your dog with all natural dog treats will also help in keeping his teeth cavity free and aid in his general dental care. All Natural dog treat are food […]

Adding the perfect fashion accessory to your dog’s wardrobe is not only fun but is practically required of you if you are the proud owner of a diva dog. Let us help you accessorize with the perfect little hair bow or barrette, darling little hat, precious pet backpack, stylish sunglasses, cute collar charm, or fancy […]

A Dog toy is a toy that is specifically for dogs to play with. Dog toys come in many variations, including: * Dog bones * Puppy toys * Balls * Tug toys * Training aids * Squeaky toy * Discs and Frisbees * Plush toys * Sticks Dogs have emotions just like humans and just […]