Lip Augmentation For Fuller Lips

A lip augmentation procedure, sometimes called a lip enhancement, can provide you with fuller and more beautiful lips, as fuller lips are a sign of youthfulness and vigor. There are many different types of lip enhancement processes available today that plump the wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth. To enhance and magnify the appearance of the lips, there are surgical as well as non-surgical techniques on the market to consider.

The surgical method of lip enhancement is called an autologous fat transfer, also called fat grafting, and is carried out by injecting the fat from your own body into the lips. Fat injections can last anywhere from six months to a year.

Another surgical option for lip enhancement is to have synthetic implants placed inside the lips. Lip implants are made of materials like Gore-Tex, Alloderm, SoftForm and SoftePTFE. One of the major advantages of using surgical implants is that the materials used will never shrink or get absorbed back into body. Another advantage is that it provides permanent results.

There are also several non-surgical cosmetic procedures available for lip enhancement. These typically come in the form of injections, commonly referred to as injectable fillers and fat injections. The injected materials include Restylane, collagen, silicone, dermalogen, fibril, Cymetra and Hylaform, and are usually injected in the lips or lip borders.

Restylane is a wrinkle-filler and is a safe, stabilized hyaluronic acid not derived from animals. The injections can help fill out lines and creases, and give your lips a fuller and younger look. Restylane lip augmentation treatments can last for approximately four to six months.

A lip enhancement procedure can be performed under just a local anesthetic. Generally, the procedure lasts from about thirty minutes to two hours. The length of time it takes mainly depends on the complexity and the kind of procedure a person chooses. A few side effects like swelling, bruising, numbness and redness may be present after the treatment.

Some factors that make a person a good candidate for lip enhancement include having thin lips, lips that are wrinkled due to the effects of aging and smoking, asymmetrical or uneven lips or those who need lip reconstruction.

In order to fix too much thickness of the lips, your board certified plastic surgeon may recommend to you the surgical removal of extra tissue through small incisions made inside of the lips. Extra mucous membranes, as well as glandular and soft tissues can also be removed to rid the lips of excessive thickness.

Instead of thickness, you may be looking to achieve a longer and fuller upper lip. A procedure called a lip-lift is used in that case. This involves making an incision at the base of the nose, right above the upper lip. Layers of skin are then removed from the area beneath the nose. The removal of skin results in the elevation of the lip. Absorbable sutures are used to minimize scaring.

The goal of lip augmentation surgery is to revise the shape of the lips so as to correct the unwanted thinness or thickness. Lip enhancement procedures may involve surgery or fat injections as well as synthetic injections, depending on what type of results are expected.

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