Playground And Swing Sets

You may have noticed that the swing sets of metal that have been the standard in playgrounds for so many years are slowly being superseded by the wooden swing set. The process is moving in a very gradual way because after all, the sturdy play sets of metal tend to last a long time, and have stood up to a lot of wear and tear over time. But improvements can always be made, and in more recent years, designers’ thoughts have turned toward keeping this playground equipment both durable and safe.

A wooden swing set is more attractive in many ways because it eliminates the hard, unyielding surfaces that can potentially bring injury in metal sets. It’s true that the versions of wood need to be produced and maintained in very specific ways, while a galvanized steel swing set won’t rust, and might last for decades. But with the concern about safety in both the backyard swing set and its playground counterpart, most manufacturers have now moved to wood as their primary material.

In colder climates, for example, there has always been the risk of a child’s skin becoming frozen to the metal on the older play sets. And during a hot summer, there’s the reverse problem of a child being burned by the over-heated metal. On the other hand, a swing set made of wood, while it also cools down and heats up, doesn’t hit nearly the temperature extremes as metal does. Yes, if not properly maintained, wood can be subject to rotting; however, if these sets are made of pressure treated lumber, then this decay is much less likely.

Apart from safety concerns, though, the “natural look” may be another reason why the wooden swing set has gained a lot of ground in recent years. Not only is this play structure made of natural materials, a big plus in a more environmentally conscious world, but the wood can also be stained to match other elements in the yard, like the fence, patio table and chairs, etc. Combine this with the vast number of kids swing set accessories, and this newer type of swing set can be thoroughly customized. Safe, durable, and fitted to your own decor and style; the swing sets made of wood offer a lot of advantages.

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