Silicone Breast Implants Are Safer Than Ever

If you are considering getting gel implants through enhancement breast surgery, then the Swedish study, conducted between 1965 an 1993 at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, indicates that you should not be concerned. There is absolutely no scientific evidence for the alleged link between silicone breast implants and breast cancer. Because silicone in breast implants was banned from the market for a period of time, there seemed to be more discussion of the dangers when leakage and ruptures occurred. It was believed that systemic diseases followed exposure to silicone. This is not the case.

Implants made from silicone were approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for a period of fourteen years. During that time they were the focus of media controversy in the United States because of the public outcry that was based on false claims of disease caused by leaking silicone-based implants. After 1996, the FDA restricted their use to breast reconstruction surgery only. Therein, cosmetic breast enhancements using silicon were banned. That left saline breast implants as the only cosmetic choice between 1982 and 1996.

When you choose a reputable surgical center with board certified plastic surgeons to get silicone breast implants, you do so with confidence knowing that the staff puts your safety first. They will use only the latest and thoroughly tested products and equipment. A center that puts its patient’s safety first increases your chances of having a successful and satisfying procedure with less risk of complications.

During those years that silicone gel implants were banned, several companies did massive amounts of research on the silicone gel used in breast implants. The FDA approved a new variety of implants in November 2006, which are made of a silicone gel which cannot leak even if the implant shell is punctured. It is called MemoryGel or Cohesive Gel, and has a very thick consistency so that it actually sticks to itself and does not run. It has been compared to the texture of a gummy bear.

Silicone implants come in round or teardrop-shaped, textured or smooth, in a variety of different sizes, and with three different incision sites from which to choose. Talk to a board certified plastic surgeon about which type of breast implant will work best with the shape of your body.

If you are thinking about undergoing breast augmentation, then find a plastic surgeon and get accurate scientific information about the risks and the possible side effects of silicone breast implants. Choose a surgery center that is vigilant about safety during every step of your care and uses only FDA-approved implants.

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