Reduce Your Dog’s Barking To Acceptable Levels With The Dog Bark Collar

Barking is a natural aspect of a dog’s behavior, and they do so either in defense, fear or offense. However, a dog that barks excessively can be annoying to both, its owner and neighbors. You may have this same problem with your own dog which may keep you and your family up all night with its constant barking. Barking varies from dog to dog and from breed to breed, with some dogs naturally barking louder than others, but it’s always your responsibility to make sure that your dog doesn’t bother the people living with you or around you. You should discipline your dog; or best of all,
go for a dog bark collar.

The dog bark collar is the most cost effective solution for reducing the barking of your dog until it’s no longer a problem. Most anti bark collars can be classified in one of three categories of collars, depending on the method they use to stop barking: these are the citronella collar, the shock collar, and the ultrasound collar. Because all collars are effective at reducing barking, it’s up to you to decide which one you want to buy, depending on what you feel will be more effective for your dog’s temperament.

The Citronella Spray Collar

This collar is designed to shoot a small dose of citronella smell in front of your dog whenever it barks. The citronella oil is quite common in products where a strong smell is needed, like certain perfume products. Just like they dislike perfumes, dogs dislike the smell of citronella, which makes the collar quite effective.

The Shocking Collar

This collar is also known for its effectiveness in reducing barking. This collar functions by delivering a mild electric shock to the dog’s neck when the dog barks. The first bark triggers a mild shock which gradually intensifies if the dog’s barks again within 30 seconds. If the dog continues to bark, this collar will deliver a slightly stronger shock that will grow in intensity at 30-second intervals between consecutive barks up to the collar’s highest level.

The Ultrasound Collar

The ultrasound or ultrasonic collar corrects the dog’s barking by emiting a sound that only dogs can hear. This collar’s advantage is that the sound it uses is harmless to the dog and doesn’t add more noise to the dog’s barking.

By spending a bit on a dog bark collar, you’ll be contributing to the peace and quiet of the place you live in. It will also show you are a kind, caring and responsible human being.

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