Stop Dog Barking Late At Night

Dogs are friendly and cute, but when their barking becomes unreasonable, it can turn them into very annoying animals. This is not only going to start to bother you but also create a big nuisance for your neighbors and when you have guests staying over. If your dog is still a puppy or if it has become a full grown dog, it’s your responsibility to make sure that its barking doesn’t bother other people.

Fortunately, there are various different products and methods that stop dog barking and which you are sure to have some great success with

The Stop Barking Collar

Since most owners already make their dogs wear a collar, the anti bark collar comes as a natural solution. These types of collars use one of several methods available to reduce barking. The citronella collar is an option that doesn’t harm or cause pain to the dog at all. This is why owners love it so much and instead of using an electric shock it simply sprays citronella in front of the dog’s nose if they bark.

Given enough time, a dog will connect the dots and understand that by limiting its barking, it can avoid being sprayed with citronella. It can take a bit of time, usually about several weeks, before you start to see any definite results. The citronella collar is usually very effective and so you should feel positive that it will work for your dog.

Another version of the anti bark collar is the ultrasonic variety. This collar will emit a very high pitched nose every time the dog barks. The sound is too high pitched for humans to hear, but it’s perfectly audible for dogs. As with other anti bark collars, your dog will need some time before it understands where this new strange sound comes from. Once the dog realizes that the barking causes the sound, it will reduce its barking to only necessary situations.

In addition to the method of correction, dog collars come in several sizes, colors and designs. The look exactly like regular collars, including a name tag, aside from a small package that contains the citronella essence or a small speaker.

Bark collars are a great way to teach dogs not to bark. These collars are not dangerous or harmful in any way, which is a big selling point for dog lovers. They are also very affordable so you do not have to worry about spending an arm and a leg. Of course most important is that they actually stop dog barking so you will no longer have to deal with your dog’s constant barking.

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