The Bark Dog Collar And How It Works

Even the most fervent dog lover can find it difficult to concentrate on his work when his pet’s barking reaches intolerable levels. If you have neighbors nearby they can probably hear your dog barking or howling all night too and this is just not fair. If you own a dog, it’s your responsability to train your dog so that its barking doesn’t bother the people that live with you or around you.

Dogs will always bark to express whatever sensations they have, but even so, there are a few things that you can do to restrain his barking. The bark dog collar is one of the most commonly used stop barking products available on the market today.

Your Alternatives

For those of you who are seriously considering getting a bark dog collar for their furry friends, it’s important to consider the different kinds of collars in the market. There is the shock dog collar for one, which is certainly the most intense. The shock collar is so called because it really uses electrical shocks to correct dogs, although these are very mild and won’t hurt the dog. These shocks are very mild, and to the dog’s skin, they aren’t painful at all, yet many animal lovers find them cruel and excessive.

If this is your case, then you can try a method that seems less harsher, like the citronella anti bark collar. The principle of the citronella collar is the same as the principle of the schock collar, only that instead of electrical shocks, this collar uses a small spray of citronella smell. This spray is totally harmless, and stops barking by making the dog stop and wonder what it’s happening.

The smell is very strong, and dogs will try to figure out where it’s coming from. Dogs are intelligent animals, and they eventually will realize the connection between the barking and the citronella spray, and will refrain from barking without a good reason when wearing the collar. Of course, the collar isn’t meant to completely eliminate the dog’s natural way of expression, which is why all models have a switch that allows you to turn it off to give your dog a rest or to let him be free to bark at intruders and strangers that break into your house.

Their instinct is to bark when they hear something and once they give out that first bark if they hear something around the house, they will see that no spray came out of the anti bark dog collar and will feel comfortable to continue barking to alert you.

The bark dog collar is really effective and definitely cheaper than anti bark training at a dog school.

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