The Anti Bark Collars Preferred by Most

Dogs bark by nature, but sometimes it can get to your nerves (or your neighbors´) in which case you should definitely consider getting an anti bark collar. Anti bark collars have been in the market for years, but it’s only in recent times that some dog owners are finding out about them.

You should always try oral training first when reducing a dog’s barking, before you resort to other methods. Just as you would teach him to sit or stay you may be able to tell him to stop barking and get him to stop and listen. However, because each dog is different, this process doesn’t always work and this is where you have to get an anti bark collar. You will then have to decide what type of anti bark collar you should buy.

Citronella Collars

The citronella spray collar is becoming very popular today. For dog owners who want an anti bark collar to help their dogs quiet down, this is an ideal choice because it is effective but without harming the dog. It’s also notorious because it doesn’t give electrical shocks to the dog, unlike other types of collars. Instead of using an electrical shock, the citronella collar relies only on a small spray of citronella which is shot out when the dog barks.

The spray isn’t painful or specially uncomfortable to the dog; it stops the dog from barking because of this sudden smell that makes the dog wonder what happened. As the dog continues to wear the collar and get used to it they will start to realize that every time they bark the collar goes off. The barking is detected by a mic that’s built into the collar, which then releases the spray of citronella to stop the barking.

Ultra Sound Based Collars

Another top pick for an anti bark collar is the ultrasonic collar. This is a type of collar that is also completely harmless to your dog so there is no need to worry about that. It stops barking via a high pitch that calls the dog’s attention. You will not be able to hear it because it is too high pitched for humans to hear.

Your dog will immediately stop barking once the noise sounds and you can choose to adjust the level on the collar if you think it is not working on your dog. For example, you can select between a constant sound or a fluctuating sound, depending on which one your dog responds better to.

Lastly, anti bark collars aren’t meant to eliminate your dog’s natural barking, just reduce it in situations where it’s very inconvenient; in fact, with time, your dog will not need to wear the collar anymore.

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