Getting A Bark Collar That Works

Are you fed up with constant barking at late hours of the night? Even the most experienced dog trainers sometimes have to face the fact that regular anti barking training isn’t working and a bark collar has to be brought in. Most people would prefer not to have their dogs wear a bark collar, but they quickly change their mind when the collar solves the problem.

Getting the right bark collar is very important so you should spend a little time shopping around before you buy one. To help you choose the best bark collar for your dog, here are some of the most popular types of bark collars available in the market today.

Sonic Bark Collar

The sonic collar or ultrasound collar is the favorite of many dog owners everywhere. The sonic collar detects when your dog is barking and then reacts by emiting a very high pitched sound. The sound is meant to distract the attention of the dog and stop it from barking. The high pitch sound produced by the collar is inaudible to the human ear so you won’t be bothered by its sound. There are some dog owners that believe that the sound can be harmful becuase it’s so high pitched, but despite what you see in movies, you don’t suffer just because a sound is high pitched, like a high pitched opea singer. In any case, the sound from the collar is activated only when the dog barks, and since the sound causes the dog to stop barking, it won’t last long.

The Spraying Collar

This collar works by spraying a small essence of citronella in front of the dog’s nose whenever the dog barks. Citronella has a strong smell that can be very irritating to dogs. When dogs finally realize that their own barking is what triggers the citronella spray, they start to reduce their barking. Now, the downside of this type of collar is that smell of the citronella often lingers on the snout of your dog for several minutes or even hours in some cases. Some dogs might believe that the punishment still continues and might not make the connection with the barking. If your dog’s sense of smell is specially suceptible to citronella, then you’d better get a different type of bark collar.

Shock Bark Collar

The shock collar is very well known for its effectiveness, as well of being infamous among some dog lovers for its method of correction. The collar’s method consists of detecting the dog’s barking and then reducing it by administering small electric shocks to the dog’s neck. Although the electric shocks may be mild and tolerable, still, the electric shock can be a bit painful on your dog.

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