A Bark Collar: Things Not To Forget

Do all these hours of anti bark training that you have spent with your dog seem to be fruitless? Sometimes even the most experienced dog owners have to face the fact that their dogs aren’t responding to oral training and need a bark collar. A bark collar is not exactly the thing that dog owners would prefer to train their dogs with, but it’s effective and gets the job done.

Getting the right bark collar is very important so you should spend a little time shopping around before you buy one. If you are serious about getting a bark collar, here you have some common types and some basic information on how they work.

The Sonic Bark Collar

This collar is one of the most popular collars that are available for the general public. The sonic collar detects when your dog is barking and then reacts by emiting a very high pitched sound. The sound is meant to distract the attention of the dog and stop it from barking. The high pitch sound produced by the collar is inaudible to the human ear so you won’t be bothered by its sound. There are some dog owners that believe that the sound can be harmful becuase it’s so high pitched, but despite what you see in movies, you don’t suffer just because a sound is high pitched, like a high pitched opea singer. In any case, the sound from the collar is activated only when the dog barks, and since the sound causes the dog to stop barking, it won’t last long.

The Spraying Collar

The spray collar is designed to squirt out citronella spray unto the dog’s snout every time the dog barks. Citronella is annoying to a dog’s taste. With time, the dog will figure out the relationship between the citronella spray and his own barking, reacting accordingly. Now, the downside of this type of collar is that smell of the citronella often lingers on the snout of your dog for several minutes or even hours in some cases. Some dogs can get stress or anxiety if they can’t get rid of the smell. If you do not want your dog to be grumpy or morose after getting a squirt of citronella, you better not use the spray collar to stop your dog from barking.

Shock Bark Collar

The shock collar is very well known for its effectiveness, as well of being infamous among some dog lovers for its method of correction. The collar’s method consists of detecting the dog’s barking and then reducing it by administering small electric shocks to the dog’s neck. The electric shock is painless to dogs, but some people think it can be cruel.

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