The Bark Dog Collar: What It Does

Excessive dog barking can cause a hassle and annoyance for more than just you. If you have neighbors nearby they can probably hear your dog barking or howling all night too and this is just not fair. Among the many resposibilities of dog owners, the training of a dog to avoid late night barking is one of their most important ones.

While a dog will always bark, there are a few options out there that can eliminate excessive barking. The bark dog collar is one of the most commonly used stop barking products available on the market today.

Your Options

If you have decided to get a bark dog collar for your favorite pet, then you need to decide which of the many types of collar you will get. The most well known one is the shock collar, which is a bit controversial. The shock collar is so called because it really uses electrical shocks to correct dogs, although these are very mild and won’t hurt the dog. These collars are not painful to the dog, yet many dog owners dislike the idea of giving their dogs any type of electrical discharge, no matter how small it may be.

If this is your case, then you can try a method that seems less harsher, like the citronella anti bark collar. The principle of the citronella collar is the same as the principle of the schock collar, only that instead of electrical shocks, this collar uses a small spray of citronella smell. This spray is totally harmless, and stops barking by making the dog stop and wonder what it’s happening.

The smell is quite potent and the dog is going to be curious as to where this new smell came from. Over time they are going to realize that every time they bark the spray comes out and this is going to eventually stop them from barking when they are wearing the collar. A bark dog collar is only meant to be used for training, and it includes a switch that allows you to turn it off at night or when your dog should be able to bark freely; for example, when your dog is serving as a guard dog.

In this role, a dog will instinctively bark at any strange noise or person that it’s not familiar with; if they see that they aren’t punished for the barking, they will continue to bark until the stranger leaves or you are alerted of the danger.

The bark dog collar is really effective and definitely cheaper than anti bark training at a dog school.

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