The Shock Based Dog Barking Collar: Is It As Bad As They Say?

One of the most common problems regarding dogs is too much barking. There are a few dogs that don’t excercise any control over their barking, especially if they weren’t trained when they were puppies. Many dog owners dont’ train their puppies because they find it harsh on them, and because their small yaps aren’t a ploblem, and by the time owners realize the problem, the puppy is a full grown dog.

Unfortunately, if you have such a dog, it’s not only your problem, but also a problem for the people who live around you. Some common consequences are that your dog may scare or annoy guests that come to visit you, or may not let your neighbors sleep at night. Manufacturers of pet products have come up with several methods to deal with this problem.

The shock dog barking collar is one of the most controversial ones. As you would expect from a collar named like that, it gives your dog a small shock when it starts to bark. The dog will be distracted and confused from this sudden event, eventually realizing that it’s its own barking that triggers the shock. Thereafter, the dog will not bark without a good reason because it knows it’ll receive a shock.

Is The Collar Cruel?

There are a lot of dog owners who rely on this type of dog barking collar but there are a lot of others who feel as though this is a cruel training method to use on a dog. The second group consider that since your dog is part of your family, you shouldn’t treat them differently, and thus electrical shocks are completly out of the question. They claim that electrical shocks are harsh and can harm your dog, no matter how mild they are.

If you really want to know what the collar feels like, you can put it on and test it, although it requires a bit of bravery.

If you think that the shock dog barking collar is a bit too much, know that there are other routes you can take to train your dog to stop barking. There are even other types of anti bark collars your dog can wear. A popular option is the citronella dog collar. This collar uses a small spray of citronella essence as a correction technique. Citronella oil is also used in mosquito repellent, and dogs find it both strong and unpleasant, and will stop barking to avoid another spray.

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