Dog Stripping

Grooming is one of the vital factors necessary for a dog’s well being. The grooming requirements differ from breed to breed. While some dogs have high maintenance needs, other dogs can maintain their health and impressive appearance with the least with fussy grooming routine. Dogs are so affectionate they always want to be cuddled and petted but try grooming the ears or the feet and the dog would try to scamper instantly. This grooming difficulty can be resolved by introducing the grooming procedure to the pet while it is still a puppy.

Regular brushing, trimming and stripping are the basic routines for grooming the dog’s coat. To maintain the health and appearance of the coat, wiry coated dogs like most terriers breeds, Dachshunds and Schnauzers are stripped about twice a year. Dog breeds with wiry coats have two types of hair – a downy under coat and a coarse top coat. This top coat will be thick, well pigmented and strongly rooted to the dog’s skin. This healthy hair follicle though will become thinner and weaker at the end of its life span.

Stripping is the procedure done to remove the roots of dead hairs. The coat’s condition and the appearance will be marred if instead of removing dead hair by stripping, the coat is trimmed. This condition will lighten the natural color of the coat and mar its silky appearance. The wrong grooming procedure will cause discomfort to the pet given that roots of the dying hair that were not stripped will prevent the growth of new hair so that the undercoat will take over the guard hair and cause itching.

Stripping is the process of removing dead hair from the dog’s coat using a stripping knife or latex finger cots. This coat grooming procedure is also done by hand or by processes known as rolling or carding. This process of coat grooming though is a time consuming and a back breaking job. Stripping a small dog would take several hours. To speed up the stripping process, groomers would use a stripping knife that will pluck out more hair. Carding is done by scraping the coat to remove dead hair. In the rolling method, the skin of the dog is rolled with one hand while the other hand removes the dead hair.

Dogs are first stripped at 6 months. The coat is thoroughly brushed before starting the grooming session to remove mats and tangles that would make the process difficult. Dog owners should not worry that the pet will be hurt when stripped as most dogs would even enjoy the attention especially if it is coming from its favorite person.

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