Basic Responsibilities Of A Dog Owner

Dogs are aptly dubbed as man’s best friends. Dogs are not only affectionate animals as they are also loyal and protective of their owners. A dog for a pet though is a big responsibility. Anyone that would not take on the responsibility of caring for a dog should not get one for a pet and get a toy dog instead. Dog ownership is a serious commitment that would last until the dog lives. This means that abandoning a pet that is becoming a nuisance is not an option as a responsible dog owner would find ways to resolve the concern.

Dogs have survived in the wild without the help of humans. Without humans modern day dogs would find it difficult to exist as their food, health and social requirements are provided by their owners. Vitamins and supplements in addition to a nutrient-rich diet is provided by the dog owner to ensure the health of the pet. A dog owner would schedule a visit to the vet for general check up, worming and vaccinations to ensure that health concerns that will affect the health of the pet will be prevented.

The care dogs need is similar to the care given to babies thus dog owners have to make sure that the pet’s environment is safe. It is the responsibility of dog owners to provide outdoor dogs with adequate shelter. Exercise is very important for dogs thus owners have to provide the pet with regular opportunities to let off steam.

A responsible dog would make sure that the pet becomes a good canine citizen. Socialization and obedience training would benefit not only the dog and the owner but other people as well. The social skills of the dog will be honed if it is constantly exposed to new things. Obedience training not only teaches the dog to obey commands but even temperament is developed as well.

Dogs are loving animals thus they would thrive in an environment where they are shown love. Bonding with the pet is a very important task of a dog owner. Grooming sessions would be good bonding moments and so is playing with the pet a few minutes each day. Getting a dog for a pet would be a thrilling experience but the decision to get one needs careful consideration. Dogs can be a nuisance sometime thus anyone that is not committed to owning a dog must not get one as they are not toys that can be discarded once the owner gets fed up.

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