Dog Grooming Guide

Dogs are the most popular choice for a pet as these animals provide humans with loyal and affectionate companionship. These pets are highly valued thus loving families will provide the pet with a dog-proofed home. Unfortunately, dogs have other special needs aside from the highly nutritious meals that the pet owners provide. Dogs need a high quality diet but exercise and regular grooming are also vital to the maintenance of the dog’s overall well being.

Different breeds have different grooming requirements – some dogs are high maintenance breeds and others would need minimal grooming. Grooming the pet can be a tedious chore to a busy owner especially if the pet is not compliant to the grooming routines. Grooming the dog is a tedious task but this necessary chore would be made easier by following a grooming checklist.

Bathing is necessary to keep the dog clean. Bathing the dog though must not be overdone. As frequent bathing removes the natural oils of the skin, the appearance of the fur can be affected and some skin concerns can also develop. Breeds hallmarked by beautiful coats would still need regular brushing to maintain the topnotch appearance of the coat. Parasite infestation and developing health concerns can be noticed and resolved at once by brushing the dog’s coat regularly. Twice a week brushing would do for short haired breeds but long haired dogs need about 30 minutes brushing every day.

Ear cleaning is another grooming routine that should be done weekly. Dogs with pendulous ears and dogs that spend more time in water would need more frequent ear cleaning to prevent the development of serious ear problems. Daily cleaning is as well necessary for the dog’s delicate eyes. The discharge on the dog’s eyes has to be removed with special eye wipes or with clean cloth.

Most dog owners would find trimming the nails and brushing the dog’s teeth more challenging grooming routines as dogs that love having the coat brushed are generally not compliant to these grooming routines. Regular cleaning of teeth is necessary not only to ensure the pet’s fresh breath but also to prevent the development of periodontal diseases. The nails have to be kept trimmed as well. These grooming routines would be easier if the dog was accustomed to the routines at an early age.

Regular grooming is an important factor in ensuring the well being of the pet. Moreover, grooming the pet would be treasured moments that would do wonders in enhancing pet and owner relationship.

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