Dog Grooming To Prevent Flea Infestation

Is the belief that an ugly dog also has an ugly owner true? There may be some truth to this belief given that the appearance of the pet is actually a reflection of the personality of the owner. A dirty and ill kept dog with oozing sores or tangled fur therefore would be believed to have a neglectful owner. The owner of the dog will be despised as he/she had failed to take good care of the pet.

Responsible dog owners are aware that good food is not enough to keep the pet healthy. The need to groom the dog regularly cannot be stressed enough as the routine would not only maintain the impressive appearance of the pet but would also resolve any developing parasite infestation that can cause the development of some health concerns.

Flea infestation is most common in dogs. Fleas are annoying parasites but aside from the discomfort, the infestation can also result to some health concerns. A dog infested with fleas would be seen incessantly scratching and biting its body. A dog that is sensitive to flea saliva can develop flea allergy dermatitis. A dog’s appearance will be marred by the bald patches and oozing sores that would result from the flea infestation. Anemia is one of the possible outcomes of severe flea infestation. Moreover, fleas can introduce tapeworms not only to the dog but also to the dog’s human family if flea-carrying tapeworm eggs are accidentally ingested.

Flea infestation can be prevented if the dog is groomed regularly. Dogs come in contact with these parasites when they play with infested dogs or when they pass areas where fleas lurk to wait for potential host. Adult fleas can be easily eliminated by anti flea products but the infestation tends to recur as the eggs are resistant to insecticides.

This is where the importance of regular grooming comes in. The dog can be bathed with anti-flea shampoo. For the treatment to be effective, the fur must be soaked in the shampoo for 10 minutes. Once the fur has thoroughly dried, use a fine toothed flea comb to remove fleas killed by the treatment. For good measure, all the areas of the house frequented by the dog must be vacuumed thoroughly giving particular attention to carpets and rugs as well as to cracks and crevices as these areas are favorite hiding places of fleas. To totally eliminate the fleas from the house, it would be a good idea to wash the things used by the dog in hot water.

A regular grooming regimen would keep not only fleas but other parasites at bay. Furthermore, the grooming sessions enables the owner to strengthen the bond with the pet.

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