The correct way to use Dog Clippers for Dog Grooming

The Basics will be covered in this piece, of how it's possible to get your dog into the ‘habit ‘ of getting their hair clipped and groomed. Although, this sounds rather straightforward, in some cases it will definitely, not be easy without the right dog clippers and proper care.

Here are some basic points that you may want to consider, and consider before and after grooming:

  • Start clipping your dog, when it is a Young Dog “The dog will get used to it over a little duration of time, and you won't have to stress about this when they are a lot older, and more susceptible to the aggressive sound the clippers create.
  • Find and utilize the quietest clippers you'll be able to find “Clippers are awfully loud at time, and can disturb the dog leading them to move, and feel terribly perturbed under the command of the owner.
  • Know your Dog’s breed, to the best extent “You should have a little knowledge about your dog’s breed standard, and how the coat should look after clipping the dog.
  • Research your Breed Online ” If you do not know your dog’s breed to a great standard, it may be an excellent idea to lookup the same breeds on the web. You can get an idea of how they look before and after a clip.

These are the main points you have got to look at when clipping your dog, apart from that we've got to now cover the safety side of things. This is essential, as you do not wish to injure yourself, or the animal. So here, I've included some laws to go by, and overview before considering to clip your dog:

  • Ensure that the clipper blades are sharp, and not blunt. This may cause issues when clipping the dog, for instance Tugging and the hairs of the dog.
  • Consult your local pet store, about what blades are highly utilised for your particular breed.

Guide Brushs

Guide brushs are utilised for making smart, equal clipping through the period of the dog’s clip. This in my viewpoint is beginner friendly, and would advocate this to any newbies starting with a small, or massive dog.

To keep your dog safe, you might also want to think about using clipper lubricator, which impedes the dog from being burnt in the process of his/her clipping.

Clippers can get very hot during the length of the Clipping, so that's why I strongly recommend you get coolant or lubricator. Burns can seriously harm the dog.

Another good proposal, will be to turn the clippers off often to prevent overheating; you should in this example of the clippers overheating apply coolant or lubricator to the clippers.

Always obey the directions applied on the canister.

Guidance for Clipping, for the first time

For first time clippers, the advice I give is to follow this tract, and ensure your dog is safe as well as the surroundings of the animal. Get the Clippers, and hold them in a way that feels OK for you. You do not want the clippers feeling highly uncomfortable when clipping the dog, and in turn this would make the dog feel uncomfortable.

Adapt to what you feel is required, and take your time when clipping. This is my main advice for clipping.

  • Don't make it too hard for yourself
  • Take some time
  • Safety is PRIMARY

These are some products you might need to consider using:

  • Wahl Brand Dog Clippers “Beginners, to Intermediate
  • Oster Dog Clippers “Professional Clippers
  • Andis Dog Clippers “Professional Clippers

These are some great clippers for your dog. They're totally, 100% safe and in my experience have caused no Problems in the past year or two. For amateurs, I recommend Wahl Brand Dog Clippers, due to their simplicity compared against the Osters and Andis.

For more, intermediate to advanced usage, again I'd say use the Osters and Andis. These are very good, and when you get continuous use from Wahl Brand Dog Clippers, I'd say you need to consider getting, or testing Osters or Andis.

Just to recap:

  • Don't make it too hard for yourself
  • Take your time
  • Safety is FIRST

dog clippers are a significant piece of machinery that explains why this article should help in grooming your dog and selecting the right dog grooming clippers. At dog clippers pro we understand what grooming is all about.

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