The Thing That Makes You Hassled Could Be The Tick Of Your Dog

Don’t you just hate it when your lovely mate, the only one who has given you comfort a six months, and the only bed-mate you have in a couple of months, has the tick? That is just gross. But what really pisses me off is when my wonderful pug gets the tick from some other dog. Cherry B, my beautiful dog has the tick and I’m so sad that I can’t have her in my bed with me.

An advice that you want to take to all you fellow dog lovers, your dog is never immune to tick even if he or she is not raised in farm areas. What you can do to prevent this is to isolate them from other dogs which you do not know. Another, is to brush your dog with anti-tick or anti-flea solution at least once a week. There are other solutions that can last a month. Do not hesitate to inquire from your veterinarian about the best prevention care that you can give to your dog.

If you find the tick yourself, you can remove it. But there is a proper way to do so, so you have to learn that or you’ll end up hurting your dog. Improper removal may cause the dog to have bacterial infection. Also, never, ever, remove the tick with your bare hands. There are some disease-carrying ticks that you might want to avoid.

But in the case of Cherry B, I had no knowledge at all about a dog tick medicine or dog tick cure. What I did was brought her to the veterinarian.

For her tick bites, Cherry B was given the Newton Homeophatics Flea and Bug Bite, which is given to the dog through syrup drops. The dog tick medicine that her vet gave her is Frontline Plus for the duration of six months; quite a long time frankly. The vet told me that Cherry B can sleep again with me in three days after her first medication, and to be sure my dog’s tick won’t bite me. I don’t think I can drink Frontline Plus.

Because of this, I was forced to be rid of my super fragrant dog shampoo and used Ovitrol Plus Flea and Tick shampoo instead so that the ticks wont get back. Not as fragrant but safe for me and Cherry B.

There are also anti-tick collars for your dog which acts as a dog tick medicine. From what I have heard however, these collars are not very effective and ruins the looks of your dog. I think my Cherry B has enough prevention and medication already.

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