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Bed Bug, Dust Mite ERADICATOR 24oz ready to use spray, natural enzymes that safely removes bugs, scientific efficacy test proven

Bed Bug, Dust Mite ERADICATOR 24 oz Ready to Use Spray, Natural Solution that Safely Removes Bugs, Scientific Efficacy Test Proven
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Eradicator is an all-natural, 100% green product that effectively controls bed bugs and dust mites.The all natural active ingredients in Eradicator (see back label for listing and breakdown) eliminate bed bugs, dust mites and other insects by reacting violently with the insects exoskeleton, which is the outer shell or skin.The non-toxic formula eradicates all strains of bed bug infestations, even those immune to the toxic pesticide chemicals (usually Pyrethroids, which are a synthetic Pyrethrum and a neurotoxin) While highly effective, Eradicator contains no chemical pesticides making the product safe to use generously around children, pets and any place people live… [Read More]
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