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Dogs are men’s best friends – this is a universal fact that has been known to us since time immemorial There are a lot of stories that speak of the dog’s faithfulness and courage in defending their masters. In taking care of your dog, it is necessary to obtain him/her a room of his/her own […]

You need a training collar that works as hard as your working dog works for you. The Tritronics Sport series are the most durable training collars on today’s market, being one hundred percent waterproof and designed to take the abuse given them by an active working dog. Hunting dogs dive through underbrush, jump into mud, […]

We have bypassed the times where dog collars can qualify as fashion statement of your dog. The canine fashion trends are easily as exciting as our human clothes. There are trendiest dog clothes that come in unique trends and designs that will surely make your pet dog as fashionable as you are. Dog fashion industry […]

Being a true pet lover you will be concerned about maintaining your dog’s coat and hair, and be sure that it is healthy and glossy. Providing your dog with all natural dog treats will also help in keeping his teeth cavity free and aid in his general dental care. All Natural dog treat are food […]

Adding the perfect fashion accessory to your dog’s wardrobe is not only fun but is practically required of you if you are the proud owner of a diva dog. Let us help you accessorize with the perfect little hair bow or barrette, darling little hat, precious pet backpack, stylish sunglasses, cute collar charm, or fancy […]

A Dog toy is a toy that is specifically for dogs to play with. Dog toys come in many variations, including: * Dog bones * Puppy toys * Balls * Tug toys * Training aids * Squeaky toy * Discs and Frisbees * Plush toys * Sticks Dogs have emotions just like humans and just […]

When we are talking about the complete dog outfit, we are not just considering Dog Collars alone. We are more concerned about dog clothes which are fashionable yet functional. Many of us dismiss as just pure fancy of dog owners, these garments are meticulously designed for a specific function or purpose. The dog clothes are […]

Hunting with your experienced puppy is one type of outdoor activity that brings a different brand of satisfaction for both the dog owner and the hunting dog. The quality and satisfaction that you can receive from hunting is anchored on how you take care of your hunting partner and best friend. It is essential that […]

Today, we are learning more and more about training hunting dogs using the relatively new technology called electronic shock collars. These collars have changed the way that working dogs are trained, especially hunting dogs. One of the most significant values of the electronic training collar is that it allows full interaction between the trainer and […]

There you are with your brand new pure bred puppy. Squeaking and bouncing around, happy as can be. You are standing there asking yourself a very important question. There are many questions that you may ask yourself when choosing the right dog food. Some dogs are sensitive to certain dog foods. They may be allergic […]

A Sacramento pet store offers lots of various pets to pet supplies for your animals. You could put a Sacramento pet store as one of many agendas for your kin holiday. Ensure that there will be many knowledge and delight to get from the place. We all love cute and cuddly animals, don’t we? Do […]

Owners of hunting dogs have supplying needs that pet owners do not necessarily have. Some of these include callers the field training, tracking collars, and often by callers. The good news is SportDog can meet all of those needs. SportDog SD 400 Shock Collar These correction collars are used for mischievous behavior, correction-based training, and […]

I was using the same old towel for my puppy since last 2years. I am having various dog costumes and also some other Dog Supplies for my cute little puppy. Then one day when I removed the puppy out of the bath tub and was covering her in the same old towel my 5 year […]

If you have just become the proud owner of a puppy who you plan to train to be a hunting or gun dog, you might be wondering what supplies you are going to need to help get your puppy off to a great start in his new home. Before you bring your puppy home there […]

Have you been asking yourself whether or not you need to put your dog on a diet? The answer to that all too important question is… As long as your veterinarian recommends it. Just as you are always told to seek the advice of your health care professional before attempting any type of diet, the […]

A dog is a lovely animal and I personally feel that there is no other animal that is as gentle as my dear dog. My dog’s wardrobe is full of several attires and accessories like the toys, the feeders, the cookies and so on. As I have no one else in the family I stay […]

Syrian hamsters and other rodents can be affected by Tyzerr’s disease. Tyzzer’s disease does not usually cross from one species to the next. Most strains of the disease are unique to one particular species of rodent. Gerbils, however, have been know to contract the disease from another rodent species, although this is not common. The […]

Dwarf Hamster Cage

April 7th, 2009

The first decision you will have to make is what type of hamster cage your will be providing for your new pet hamster. There are options available from which to choose. Each type of hamster cage has its advantages as well as its drawbacks: Wire cages Wire cages are fine for your hamster. You just […]

Your puppy may get stepped on, he may get cuts and bruises or poisoned while he is running around the house. As much as you would hate to see him get hurt you will have to accept these little mishaps as part and parcel of a puppy’s life. So here are some measures that you […]

Giving Your Dog a Massage

April 4th, 2009

Pet massage is a physical therapy akin to acupressure and chiropractic care. It can act as a great stress buster for your dogs. So this time for his birthday don’t just stop at giving your dog a big bone or getting him his favorite cake also gift him a relaxing and soothing massage. Get this […]

CPR Tips For Your Dog

April 4th, 2009

It is the scariest nightmare for all pet owners to see their pup or dog lying unconscious or writhing in pain after an accident, poisoning, electric shock or choking. Most people will start panicking if they encounter such a situation and will not know what to do. Unfortunately this inactivity on your part will prove […]

Odor Removal

April 3rd, 2009

Odor removal is a pretty tricky problem. Smoke smell removal can be tough enough, but for serious pet, food, or industrial odors, the problem can get really out of hand. One of my friends had a really serious odor removal problem one time. She lent her car to a friend for the weekend, trusting in […]

Pet Classifieds

April 3rd, 2009

When you scan the pet classifieds, think pet shelters! It’s well known that a pet brings joy and liveliness into your life. Countless studies have demonstrated the beneficial effect of a pet in the lives of older people, especially those who live alone. Older folks seem to live longer and happier lives when they have […]

For dogs and other animal toys are not for their luxury, but a necessity for them. Toys helps in fighting against boredom, which arises in Pets when left alone, Toys also, helps in preventing some problem related to behavior or developing. Often more than willing to “play” with any object they can get their paws […]

What do you need to successfully train your dog? Other than Tri-tronics electronic collars and SportDOG shock collars, one of the hunting dog supplies you’ll need is the dog training bumper. The ideal one for training your retriever is one that is made to last for repetitive use, and flexible, soft plastic. Hallmark Dog Training […]

Denver Animal Shelter

March 31st, 2009

Most pet owners are responsible and caring but there are unfortunate animals that find themselves lost, abandoned, neglected or the victims of cruelty. There are organizations to help and Denver animal shelters contribute to animal welfare in the city. Most organizations devoted to animal care are non-profit and they rely on donations from the general […]

Cat Behavior Modification

March 31st, 2009

Cats are well-known for being thoroughly tractable pets. Even the most ornery cats are generally willing to keep to themselves if left alone. It is true that some cats will scratch other pets, play rough with kids, or develop other sorts of behavior problems, but at their worst they are generally much better than bad […]

Puppies require continual nutritional support in order to maintain a healthy growing body. To keep up with their needs they should have food available to them throughout the day. There are three popular methods for feeding your new puppy. Mealtime Feeding Portion-Control Feeding Free Feeding Mealtime Feeding – This methods is idea for young puppies […]

How to Select a Dog Crate

March 29th, 2009

There are several types of dog crates to choose from. It all depends on what you need the crate for and how big your dog is. There are a few things that you must keep in mind while shopping for a new crate for your dog. Are you traveling and how? How big is your […]

Obedience training is much easier and more effective if you have a dependable, safe hunting dog supplies that are easy to use. Dogtra offers products that fit this criteria cost-effectively. Dogtra has training collars for multiple uses such as hunting dogs, pets, and service dogs. Dogtra , as a brand, is very well known and […]

Traveling with your dog can be quite challenging. There are several issues that can arise while traveling with your dog in the car. These problems are quite often stress or anxiety related. It is especially true if your dog is scared of the car or is not used to being inside the car while it […]

The Keys to Proper Puppy Training Using pet cages Crate training a new puppy offers many benefits when it comes to teaching your new pet the correct behavior. A crate will first of all offer a puppy a warm and secure environment to sleep in. Secondly, your puppy will have a secure area for those […]

Most owners of hunting dogs elect to use a dog training collar. When looking for a name you can trust in these collars, DT Systems is the one to turn to. The DT Systems line is, in today’s market, one of the highest-ranked collars. They are widely available hunting dog supplies at many stores and […]

Caring for the Ears: Most hamsters do not need any help keeping their ears clean. Hamsters seem to take great pride in keeping themselves clean everyday. In reality, a hamster may spend up to 20 percent of their day grooming. If your hamster’s ears seem red, inflamed, or infected you should take a closer look. […]

Heartworm, or roundworm, is very serious can affect all types of bird dogs. With gun dogs, working dogs, and other outdoor dogs, you must be especially concerned because they are more susceptible to heartworm. The worse case scenario is that an affected dog can pass it on to humans, as well as other dogs. In […]

Training your dog is just a way of ensuring that it acts in a disciplined and adequate method. Dog training certainly is a process that involves a series of well-articulated commands repeated faithfully enough for a dog to get used to and respond to. There are countless aspects of dog training. However, obedience dog training […]

Bird Feeder Plans

March 12th, 2009

When I decided to make a bird feeder this spring, I ran into trouble. It wasn’t that I had any problem making one, but that I had trouble deciding on the design to begin with. There were no shortage of designs, you see, and all the bird feeder plans looked quite useful. When I had […]

It is certainly an unpleasant experience to have a sick hamster. It can be quite upsetting to know that your little hamster is not feeling well. Here are a few tips that you can try to help make your pet hamster feel a little more comfortable. You should quarantine your hamster the moment you notice […]

It can be a trul wonderful experience to breed golden hamsters; Before you decide on breeding your hamsters, there a number of things you should think about: Do you have an idea of who are going to buy your baby hamsters? Around 20 to 25 days of age, baby hamsters are weaned. Around 45 days […]