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Being a pet owner, you develop a strong emotional bonding for your pets, whether it’s a dog or any other four legged beast. Dogs are very compliant and it is nice to treat them sometimes so that they feel appreciated for their efforts. If you wish to give your dog something special for being so […]

Steer Sticks vs. Bully Sticks

February 11th, 2009

I am just glad that with my dog loving steer sticks so much, that I can get bulk dog treats. Purchasing them individually is just way too expensive and with all of the savings I get from buying them by the case, my dog and I can do other things together like going to his […]

Most often when we think of animal care, we’re looking for traditional pet supplies, like food or medication. How many of us, then, consider what it takes to care for birds that visit our back yard feeders? There are hundreds of squirrel proof bird feeders, but do any of them actually work? Squirrels are intelligent, […]

Hi my name is David Verdu, and this is my story about my Super Dog. Mr. Snoops is a Jack Russell Poodle, the smartest bravest dog I’ve very known. He loves to play run the fence with our neighbors dog Rocky. Now, Rocky is a Husky so he’s a BIG dog. OK. Now try to […]