Odor Removal

Odor removal is a pretty tricky problem.

Smoke smell removal can be tough enough, but for serious pet, food, or industrial odors, the problem can get really out of hand. One of my friends had a really serious odor removal problem one time.

She lent her car to a friend for the weekend, trusting in him to bring it back in good condition. Needless to say, she was sorely disappointed. The friend practically wrecked it.

He spilled some fish sauce in the back of the car, then forgot about it. He left the car sitting out in the hot sun for a couple days, and the rest – as they say – is history.

By the time she got her car back, there was nothing she could do about it. She tried everything there was for odor removal in cars. She tried soap, stain remover, disinfectant – the works.

Over time, the Smell got better, but it took 5 years to go away completely.

Odor removal can be a very difficult problem. The best thing is to not let it become an issue in the first place, but that is not always a possibility. Pet odor removal in particular is a common issue among many suburban households.

You would think that, after all these years, it would be easy to remove pet odor, but sometimes it is pretty difficult. The most important thing is to vacuum, shampoo your carpets, and do other cleaning regularly.

A lot of the time, pets will make messes in corners where you may not find them. The only way to really be sure to get all the dirt out of the carpet is to clean the entire carpet.

Of course, there are more targeted forms of odor removal. Disinfectant sprays often combine the ability to clean, disinfect, and add a pleasant smell to cover up what remains of the odor. This is a great way to do local removal of odors, but sometimes your whole house needs a little bit of a treatment.

In that case, an ionizer can be just the trick. Ions cling to the small particles that cause odor, causing these particles to clump up and fall out of the air. Then, it is just a matter of cleaning the floors and counters.

Usually, one strategy is not enough for very bad odors. If you combine all of them, however, you can get some pretty good results.

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