How Can My House Become Safer For My New Puppy?

Your puppy may get stepped on, he may get cuts and bruises or poisoned while he is running around the house. As much as you would hate to see him get hurt you will have to accept these little mishaps as part and parcel of a puppy’s life. So here are some measures that you can take to deal with such situations.

Your puppy may have to go through a lot of pain if you a fail to be attentive in certain situations. Dogs like cats are very curious and since they tend to see adventure in everything they see or smell, they get easily attracted to most things. They fail to smell danger and inevitably move forward to see what it is. This is the reason why you should be careful and take some preventative measures by making your home a safe place for your puppy. Your dog will love these bulk dog treats and dingo treats and you will save money.

1. Puppies like small children have the habit of swallowing anything that they see. So if you have a puppy in your house make sure that there is nothing small around in the room. Small objects can get stuck in a puppy’s intestine posing danger to its life. Your puppy may start gagging and try to expel the foreign matter out of his system by gagging and coughing and this may continue for sometime. If it does not succeed in doing so there are great chances of the puppy’s intestines being ruptured.

2. Another important precaution is that all electrical wires should be kept away from the puppy’s sight. Because of he spots one he is bound to get drawn to it and will want to play with it. Your puppy will be badly hurt if he tries to bite such electrical wires. Mild shocks are like third degree burns and can be caused due to this. If your puppy tries to eat or bite the metal wiring inside the insulation and if it is connected to the socket your puppy may get electrocuted and can even die of shock. So it is in your puppy’s best interest that you keep all such live wires away from your puppy’s reach. Take a peek at exercise pen for dogs, it will be good for your pets health.

3. Finally keep all dangerous poisons and toxins away from your puppy. Dogs are usually used to sniffing everything that they see. If sniffed or licked, the toxins may prove very dangerous to your dog’s life. So keep substances such as anti freeze, rat poison, garbage, lead and even chocolates should be kept beyond your dogs reach.

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