Training Supplies for Your Bird Dog Puppy

If you have just become the proud owner of a puppy who you plan to train to be a hunting or gun dog, you might be wondering what supplies you are going to need to help get your puppy off to a great start in his new home. Before you bring your puppy home there are some things you will want to purchase right away.

Dog Crates

When you first bring your puppy home, chances are that he is not going to be housebroken. This is perfectly normal since most puppies are not housebroken until they are a year old. If you are like many other owners, you might be considering a crate as a way to keep your dog safe while unsupervised and protect your home from accidents.

Fortunately, regardless of the size of your dog, crates are easy to use, they come in a variety of sizes and some can even be collapsed and put away once you are done using it. Some dog owners only use a crate until a puppy is housebroken and then only for rare occasions.

Most dogs enjoy the crate because their instincts are to “den” in a quiet, comfortable, almost-confined space. It helps them feel protected, secure, and safe. Whether you get an aluminum or metal-wire dog crate, you will want to make sure it’s the right size for your dog. For puppies, get one with a divider to put inside so you can let the crate grow with your puppy. It should be just large enough for the dog to stand up straight, turn around in, and lay down flat.

Dog Training Collars

Let us be honest, dogs do not train themselves! For those who are training hunting dogs, you will want to find the best possible dog training collar that can be found in the same supply store that you purchase your other hunting dog supplies. Whether you elect for an electric dog collar to teach your dog to hunt or a simple choke collar for simple obedience training, make sure that the collar is the right one for you and your dog.

Training collars are designed to serve a purpose. You’re obviously attempting to train your dog not just to become a great hunting dog, but also so that he will listen to your commands and remain safe. Using training collars will help fulfill these goals. Find out what kind of system works best for both you and your dog, and start early while your dog is still a puppy.

Other Hunting Dog Supplies

Begin your dog training as early as possible, starting from when you first bring your puppy home. This will ensure that he will become a great hunting dog. You’ll find a great range of supplies at your local hunting dog supply store for the purpose of effective dog training. These products can include:

1. Dog whistles to train your dog to listen to you at home and in the field
2. Dog training bumpers for retrieval training
3. Launchers – for sending the dummies into the field or from hidden positions to better train your dog for outdoor hunting and retrieving.

Your puppy will become a part of your hunting and a member of your household for years and years. Getting the proper dog training supplies will ensure that you have everything you need for successful training so that he will listen and remain safe in your care.

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