Looking Into A Shock Collar for Your Gun Dogs? Try SportDOG

Owners of hunting dogs have supplying needs that pet owners do not necessarily have. Some of these include callers the field training, tracking collars, and often by callers. The good news is SportDog can meet all of those needs.

SportDog SD 400 Shock Collar

These correction collars are used for mischievous behavior, correction-based training, and other times when your dog needs correction. Hunting dogs often need training to retrieve, stand still, and to flush on the point of a partner dog. The SD 400 from SportDOG provides fourteen different levels of stimulus for corrections to help you better-train your hunting dog. The receiver and collar are completely waterproof, making it ideal for training–no matter the weather or terrain.

SportDog SD 400S Training Collar

The SportDog SD 400S offers a higher level of stimulation and is perfect for a large breed or for a very stubborn dog. This option may be perfect if all other training methods have failed with your dog. It is important to remember that electronic training callers will not hurt your dog even though systems like the SD 400S offer both high levels and continuous stimulation. Training your dog using a combination of commands in training collars will help ensure that your dog not only is a good hunting companion but stays safe while you are in the field hunting.

SportDOG Bark Collar

Every hunter knows that your dog barking in the field is liable to create fewer hunting opportunities. It is not especially helpful to you if your dog barks at inopportune times. Sport dog barking callers can help correct this inappropriate behavior if done properly. It will not take long for your dog to understand that there are times when barking is not appropriate. The proper use of a barking caller will prevent your dog from sending prey a way from you. Before you know it, your dog will understand that he must remain quiet and once that happens you will no longer need this type of collar.

With so many callers to select from you want to make sure that you are relying on a trusted brand that offers a variety of styles, safety features, and reliability for all types of training collars. SportDog is that trusted brand whether you need a barking collar, a training collar, or a tracking collar. SportDog is your one stop shop for all your hunting dog supply needs.

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