How to Select the Best Dog Food

There you are with your brand new pure bred puppy. Squeaking and bouncing around, happy as can be. You are standing there asking yourself a very important question. There are many questions that you may ask yourself when choosing the right dog food. Some dogs are sensitive to certain dog foods. They may be allergic to some as well. It all depends. You may want to find out which one the mother ate while pregnant and nursing the puppies. There are all kinds of concerns to consider. You may ask your veterinarian for their recommendation.

The best thing to do to reassure yourself that you are providing your dog with the best food possible, is to research it for yourself. This article will give you precautions to watch for when feeding your beloved new friend.

Did you know that regular bagged and canned dog food is actually made out of decaying, diseased and even dead animals. Not to mention when it states that there is wheat or rice in the mix, that is molded and mildewed laden and condemned by the FDA. Yes, that is what they make the dog food with. Sound yummy? With this in mind there is one known bagged and canned dog food that is actually all natural. That being Iams brand.

Then if the food says ‘all natural’, it should be okay. Now if you notice that it says that the food is made of bi products, those bi products include beaks, lungs, hooves, brains and other appetizing things. Can you imagine your beloved pooch eating that? I didn’t think so.

Also keep in mind when there are some certain sicknesses, they can’t have certain ingredients such as a diabetic dog. Dogs that have diabetes cannot have omega 3 oils. Really the best type of dog food that you can provide would be the kind that you make yourself or buy that is all natural. There are plenty of places online where you can order all natural dog foods. There are also plenty of places where you can find good recipes for your puppy to make his own food.

Some good wholesome foods that would be good to mix in the food would be yogurt. yogurt is good for the skin and coat. Grains,
barley, oatmeal and rice are all good for your puppy. You will want to rotate them. Prepare his food the same way that you would your own minus all of the seasonings. Other foods such as lamb, buffalo, duck and a variety of vegetables are really the best foods to feed your puppy. You can rotate the foods and your puppy’s life could be prolonged with feeding them the proper diet.

Other foods that are good for your puppy and may even be necessary because of it’s health issues. That definitely being organic foods. There are recipes and means to purchase these online as well. You may also need to find supplements to make up the necessary nutrients.

Although there is the convenience of purchasing bagged dog food, the ingredients should definitely be of a concern. For instance there was a recall on dog food back in August of 2007. Red Flannel Large Breed Adult Formula Brand dry dog food was recalled and many of the pets that ate it became sick. There were also other dog foods that were contaminated as well. There are other contaminates that can be found in dog foods at any time.

These may include salmonella poisoning or even rat poisoning. These two contaminates can surely harm if not kill your puppy. Kidney failure is one concern when a puppy eats rat poison laden dog food. That is just one example.

If there was a choice in dog food, whether it be dry or canned, most can agree that just about all of them are risky and just not that appetizing. If your pooch is a part of your family, surely you would want them to eat the best possible. There are many ways to prepare the proper food and there are even recipes for homemade dog treats and snacks. Foods that are high in carbohydrates and proteins are really good for your puppy. Don’t forget about the preservatives and colors that are not good for your dog as well.

The best thing to do is ask your veterinarian about the best type of dog food. There are bagged brands that you may consider. These are all natural and they even say that they are all natural. You may find these at the veterinarians office, online or even in pet stores. However, they may cost more then regular dog food, so that is something that you may want to consider when searching for the best dog food. You can find meats that are trimmings at butchers.

Surely they wouldn’t charge too much. Keep in mind that grease is not the best thing to feed your dog, either. It does the same thing to him as it would for us. Dogs need protein and fats though. Searching online, you can always find the best quality in all natural. The choice is yours. Choose wisely, your dog’s health depends on it.

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