Things to Know about Anti Bark Collars for Dogs

Before you buy an anti bark collar for your dog, you need to do some research. For example, what kind of collar is good for barking dogs? How much barking requires such a collar? Is it really necessary to get one for my dog?

Options in anti bark collars

There are three main types of anti barking collars: citrus spray, sonic collars, and electrical collars. All of which are safe and perfectly harmless to use while you’re training your pet to reduce barking.

A spray collar works by spraying the muzzle of the dog when it starts to bark, creating an annoying sensation. Because the smell of citrus is offesive to dogs’ sense of smell, they immediately stop barking. This type of anti bark collar often emits a “hiss” sound prior to the smell, so a smart dog will stop barking at just the sound of the warning hiss.

The second type of collars use sound. These collars emit a very high pitched sound that humans can’t hear but dogs can; just like on TV. Eventually, the dog learns to link the sound to the barking and that by stopping the latter, he can stop the former.

anti bark dog collars that are electrical give out a mild shock or sting sensation when the dog barks. The shock is very mild, comparable to the one you’d get if you walked on a thick carpet. That is, it doesn’t hurt and it isn’t painful, but it really makes you pay attention.

Other Factors to Take into Account

Some collars are designed with more than one anti barking method. They might, for example, release a citrus smell while emiting a sound when the dog barks.

Some anti bark dog collars have an escalation device. For example, you can adjust how loud the sound is or the intensity of the shock. You can increase them for better results or reduce them as your dog becomes more obedient. In any case, the dog will associate the barking with the negative sensation. The dog can stop barking before very much happens to it.

Before buying an anti bark collar, know your options. Anti bark collars come in three types: citrus spray collars, sonic collars, and shock collars. These methods can stop your dog barking from boredom, and they are not dangerous to your dog.

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