Things You Should Know about Anti Bark Collars

It’s important to do a bit of research before getting an anti bark collar for your dog. Which type of collar is best for your dog? What are your choices? Do all barking dogs need an anti bark collar?.

Options in anti bark collars

There are three main types of anti barking collars: citrus spray, sonic collars, and electrical collars. However, regardless of the method that the anti barking collar uses, they’re completely harmless to your pet.

The spray collar will spray the muzzle of the dog whenever it starts to bark, Because the smell of citrus is offesive to dogs’ sense of smell, they immediately stop barking. Very often, collars of this type will hiss before releasing the citrus spray, so that they eventually learn to stop the barking before the spraying.

Sonic or ultrasonic collars use sound. The principle of these collars is that they emit a sound that is not detectable by the human ear, but it is detected by dogs. Eventually, the dog learns to link the sound to the barking and that by stopping the latter, he can stop the former.

Lastly, anti bark collars that are electrical give out small, harmless shocks to the dog’s neck whenever it barks. This could be compared to the static electric shock you might get after walking across carpet. That is, it doesn’t hurt and it isn’t painful, but it really makes you pay attention.

Other Things To Consider?

Anti bark collars can also come in a combination format, which uses more than one method. For example, it may use both the ultrasonic sound with the citrus smell.

Other collars have a way of adjusting their intensity. For example, you can adjust how loud the sound is or the intensity of the shock. You can increase them for better results or reduce them as your dog becomes more obedient. These can be particularly useful because the dog will learn that the sooner it stops barking, the less it will annoy or irritate it. Eventually, the dog will stop the bad behaviour on its own, given enough time.

It’s always a good idea to know what options you have before buying an anti bark collar. Anti bark collars come in three types: citrus spray collars, sonic collars, and shock collars. All types are safe for your dog, and they will keep the barking to a minimum.

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