The Benefits of Using A Citronella Dog Collar

A dog collar goes a very long way to help in taming and managing the behaviour of your dog. Continuous barking for long periods of time can be natural, but yet it is disturbing. Dogs do have a tendency of barking when there is no absolute cause and these are the times that you might want to control the furry best friend. A Citronella Dog Collar has been used by many people who say that it is one of the best ways to stop a nuisance dog. A citronella dog collar works as follows. The collar is very handy for training any type of dog and very easy to use even for the beginners.

Using The Dog Collar

To condition the animal, a small dose of painless and harmless spray is released from the collar. This spray has been tried and tested and it is safe to say the least. When the dog starts barking, electronic sensors on the collar release small doses of citronella spray. Your dog will get the smell of the spray very clearly as it is released right in front of his nose. Moreover, the dog will not only smell, but also hear and even see the spray released. This is a sure moment when the dog will seek to find out what this new odour is about. This way, the dog’s undesired behavior will be stopped. The dog will simply get distracted from barking and concentrate on this new odour.

When a citronella dog collar is on and the dog is barking aimlessly, the odour will be produced and with time, the barking will be associated with this experience and the dog will be conditioned with this regard. The dog will learn to remain calm when he or she is wearing a Citronella Dog Collar. Training and controlling your dog’s misbehavior by using a citronella dog collar will help you avoid anger and complaints from your neighbors. Compared to various shock collars which stimulate your pet with painful electric impulses, this type of training collar is a safer and a more humane solution.

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