Fleas and Cats

It is hard to imagine that this new addition to your home could have an infestation of fleas. It is quite common for kittens to have fleas prior to them coming to live with you as they can bring them from the setting in which it lived before you. Take for example the mother cat having fleas, it’s then likely the kittens will too. If there are other pets in the household, there is the possibility that fleas were brought in by them even though the mother cat didn’t leave the house. Humans are more than capable of bringing in fleas on their clothes and feet.

A flea comb is a basic item that all homes should posess. The second the kitten arrives at your home, take it to the bathroom and comfort it as you run a flea comb over it. You should pay special attention behind the ears, and at the tail base, which are likely spots to find fleas. The discovery of a single flea requires immediate action. 

In your kitty grooming box, you should have picked up something that will both kill off the fleas, and be safe for a newborn kitten.You should keep this to hand when you bring your new kitten home in case you find a flea. It’s important to remember that your kitten will stilll be feeling insecure at this time, so do everything you can to let it feel at ease.If possible try and so this on your own ensuring that other pets and members of the family are in the room in order to keep this as stress free as possible. Once your kitten is finally clean, it can meet the remainder of the family, though you shouldn’t allow it back into its carrier or anything it has had previous contact with. Every item must be properly cleaned prior to returning them.

More often than not your kitten will arrive flealess, though by preparing for the worse you can avoid a potentially big job.

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