Bark Control: Much Easier Than It Seems

Dogs bark and this is just a fact of life. However, as a dog owner you should have your dog trained so they know when to bark and when not to. If they are constantly howling or barking it is going to get on your nerves and also everyone else around you. That is why the topic of bark control is so important. Pet product companies know that not all dog owners have the knowledge or time for anti bark training, and thus they have developed bark control solutions.

The Anti Bark Training Collar

If you are trying to find a method of bark control that will work with your dog, the anti barking collar is one of your best bets. The anti bark collar market has several models that use several methods of correction, from the citronella spray collar to the shock collar. Everyone has a different view on all the different bark control collars.

Shock collars have given consistent results for a long time, but unfortunately for their manufacturers, many people think that the shock is similar to the electrical shocks they see on TV, while it’s actually more like the static you get when you handle fabric.

If you belong to the group of people that dislike the idea of electrical shocks on your dog, no matter how mild they are, then the citronella bark control collar is another option you can try. The collar’s microphone detects the barking of a dog, and then activates a small spray that shoots a bit of citronella essence in front of the dog’s nose. If you don’t know what the citronella smell is like, you can find it in mosquito repellents.

The biggest selling point of the citronella collar is that it eliminates the need of electrical shocks, in case you object to them, while at the same time, being effective in reducing excessive barking.

Obedience Classes

Dog collars are definitely the easiest way to handle intolerable barking. However, if you are in the market for something else you may want to try taking your dog to obedience classes. This option is the most expensive one, but it’s also the best one if your dog is not responding well to any other option you try.

Just remember to keep the bark control collar on them afterwards so they still remember not to bark

Most bark control collars have settings that allow you to turn off them off. You may want to do this at nighttime for instance when you want your dog to alert you of intruders.

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