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A lot if us take emergency food storage seriously and even grow their own garden to have more fruits and vegetables to store. It is not only efficient but also cost effective and you will be able to preserve your own garden produce to add to your food storage supplies. You are able to can your home produce as well as other purchased food items and store them for emergencies. Storing your food is a great way to ensure you have healthy and nutritious foods in case of food prices rising or another emergency, when food becomes unavailable.

The most affordable and durable food preservation technique is canning. If you preserve your food using canning, you will retain all the nutrients that are lost during other preservation techniques like freezing and drying. Canned foods have a very long shelf life and can last for several years. They are not affected by weather conditions and availability of power. It is great to preserve some food in the freezer, but it will quickly go bad if you lose power. Dried foods are very susceptible to insects and will only stay fresh until they start taking on moisture again.

When you preserve your food by canning, you have to follow particular steps. This will ensure your food is properly and safely preserved and will not spoil quickly. When you are canning your food, it goes through boiling, sterilizing and sealing, which helps to avoid bacteria growth, remove all the air out of the jar and prevent mold and yeast growth. You can preserve different foods this way. But each food requires different method of canning. But no matter what method you use, the result is the same, which is a tight seal which keeps the jar properly closed until you are ready to open it and eat the food.

It is important to use only fresh products for canning, because it will make a big difference to its result quality and taste. Try to choose ripe, firm and well shaped food items for canning, as it will define how the food will taste after you open it. When you grow your own garden produce, try to provide your plants with all necessary nutrients. Using seaweed based fertilizers will help you grow a lot of delicious fruits and vegetable for food storage canning.

After you have canned all your garden produce, make sure you store your jars in a cool, dark and dry place. This will ensure the longest shelf life of your canned food. And even though some foods stay fresh longer than others, you will provide your family with a great supply of healthy, nutritious and tasty food in case of any emergency situation.

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