Food Preservation Methods.

Preserving food with vacuum sealers has been around for awhile. But not everything may be known to you about them. We use vacuum sealers to preserve our food and protect it from spoiling. And if you decided to buy one, there are few things you should know before making the purchase like the kind of vacuum sealer to buy.

A wide variety of foods can be packaged and preserved with the help of vacuum sealers. You must have noticed a lot of food in the grocery stores packaged this way. Some of the food you could see packaged with vacuum sealer is dried fruit, potato chips, beef jerky and many other food items.

Vacuum sealers work by removing or replacing air, which allows bacteria to grow. It depends on the kind of food item being packaged. In case of potato chips and other fragile foods, natural air is replaced with inert gar. This will prevent the packaging from damaging the product. But with products like beef jerky, almost 100% of the air is removed, which makes impossible for microorganisms to grow.

Besides that difference in packaging food, there are also different vacuum sealers available. The two main types are chamber and external vacuum sealers. Both kinds work by removing air, but they are used for different products and different purposes. So, make sure you are getting the right one for your purposes.

Chamber vacuum sealers are used commonly for industrial purposes. The product is placed in a bag and then it is placed in the chamber. When everything is ready, you pull down the chamber hood. The air is removed within the chamber and then the bag is sealed. The chamber atmosphere will go back to normal, the packaging will be done and then the sealed bag will be ready for storage or sale. If it is needed, you can remove the air and replace it with inert gas. You can also adjust the amount of removed air from the chamber.

As for the external vacuum sealers, they are similar to ones sold in stores and are used for home food packaging. But it doesn’t mean that all such vacuum sealers are for home food preserving. There are external sealers that are used for industrial purposes.

When you use external vacuum sealer, you should place the product in the bag and seal the open end of the bag with a sealer. The vacuum sealer removes the air from the package and seals the open end of the bag and doesn’t let the air back in. You cannot use delicate and fragile products with external vacuum sealer, because these sealers cannot replace air with inert gas.

Here is something new you might have discovered for yourself about vacuum sealers and now you know which one to buy for your home food preserving purposes.

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