Easy Home Brew Beer Recipe

Do you like home beer brewing? Here is one of my favorite beer brewing recipes.

There is no flavor at all like the taste of home made beer. It has a freshness all of its own. You can choose to make the variety of beer of your choice. You can choose to make it as bold as you like. You can include fresh ingredients of your choice. With home made beer you have control of all these things and more. You can make the process as complicated or as simple as you want. Making beer at home can be a great deal of fun and makes for a lot of fun. There is nothing like well brewed home made beer as most of your friends would agree.

Red Red Ale
Recipe Type Extract

6.6 lbs of Northwestern amber malt extract
.75 lbs 60 degree L Crystal Malt

2.5 oz Fuggles hop plugs (4.6% alpha)
1 oz Cascades whole leaf hops. (5%-ish alpha)
Yeast 1 package Glen-brew ale yeast

Procedure Steep crystal malt for 30 minutes in 150 degree water. Sparge into brew pot of hot water and add malt extract. Bring to boil and add 1 ounce Fuggles. 20 minutes later add another ounce. At the 40 minute mark, toss in the final half ounce of fuggles. (Almost threw in a full ounce, but after tasting wort, decided against it—plenty bitter at this point.) Turn off heat and add Cascades. Stirred down the hops slowly and let sit for about 10 minutes. Strain all into fermenter containing ice water. Cooled. Pitched yeast. Single stage ferment. Keg, and age a few days.

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