Cats – Toy Ideas That Anyone Can Afford

Cats love to seek out new places and things to play with, actions that stem from instinctual programming. In a domestic setting, this curiosity often manifests itself as an inclination to play with nearly anything within sight. Because cats love activity, countless cat toys have seen release over the years. Here are some toys that cats love to play with.

Although it isn’t really a toy, a piece of yarn keeps cats occupied unlike any other object. As it dangles over its head, a cat loves to leap up and bat and claw at the yarn. Simply wave the yarn back and forth or drag it along the ground and your cat will perk up quicker than it would after a catnip bender. Based on this concept, the toy mouse is an ever-popular plaything you can give your cat. As the cat imitates its actions in the wild, it pushes the mouse all over the floor, chasing after the inviting tail. Toy mice that contain the aforementioned catnip provide an extra kick to the cat and mouse game.

Another cat toy that stems from a practical object is the laser pointer. Originally intended to direct viewers’ attention to specific information on a screen or board, the pointer now captures cats’ attention as well. Just press the button on the pointer and swing the little red dot around the walls and floor and you will send your cat into a frenzied chase. There are automated versions of laser pointers that you simply turn on and leave your cat to play.

A handy toy that cats love to play with is the Turbo Scratcher. It is handy in that it offers cats a place to sharpen their claws while engaging in play. A circular track encloses a scratching pad, and inside this track is a plastic ball. When the cat swats the ball, it spins around the track and the cat rushes after it. Once the cat finally catches up, the ball is simply sent careening around the track again. The scratch pad in the middle of the track is a much less destructive way for cats to sharpen their claws than on upholstered furniture.

Cats love to play with toys. The more mobile parts they have, the better. Toys keep your furry friend active and happy.

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