Good Persian Cat Grooming: Why Is It Necessary?

Persian cat grooming is a very important factor of having Persian cat. The right tool in this regard is a greyhound comb which is made from metal and that can be used to comb your Persian cat’s coat on a daily basis – beginning from the roots and ending with the tips of the hair. Additionally, it is also necessary that you make sure combing the chest region as too the area behind the ears as well as under your pet’s armpits.

Frequency of Bathing

Another aspect of good Persian cat grooming is to know the frequency with which to bathe your pet. Here, the deciding aspect is the cat’s fur; if the Persian has dilute coated hair then there’s not so much need to bathe the Persian too often. However, for Persians with silky hair you will have to pay special attention to prevent matting as well as knotting of the hair.

The right Persian cat grooming also means giving the pet a bath every fortnight; nonetheless, a few Persians are also able to go an entire month and a half without requiring to be bathed. What’s more, to an untrained eye it is difficult to determine when the Persian requires bathing since this type of cat commonly appears to be clean – even if in fact it is dirty. For a Persian show cat, you may need to also degrease your pet and then bathe him so he looks his best all the time.

Depending on the color of your Persian’s coat, you will also have to purchase different cat shampoos. So, Persian cat grooming for a white coated Persian would be different from that of a black coated Persian. The proper shampoo helps bring out the color and a good option in this regard is to use Oatmeal Almond cat shampoo.

Your Persian cat could also develop mats in his hair and it is when you need to take special care of him. Good Persian cat grooming in this regard requires bathing the Persian: not cutting the matted hair – and, certainly not with a sharp tool – and, it is better to rip the matted hair into tiny knots and then try and comb the knots out of the coat with the help of powder than to utilize scissors to get rid of the matted hair.

Additionally, it is important that you make sure choosing the most suitable cat grooming brush because only a properly chosen brush will help reduce knotted and matted hair. Occasionally, the mats in your Persian’s hair can end up being especially difficult to remove; in case it happens to your Persian cat, you will then need to get professional help with the best veterinary medical supply such as phase contrast microscopy to solve your Persian cat grooming problems; or, you can easily get rid of the knots by cutting your pet’s hair off.

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