Suggestions Not What To Do With Cat Carriers

Most thinking cat owners fully understand that a cat carrier is made to safely and securely transport cats from just one point to another. In reality don’t worry too much with regards to trying to make them at ease in their cat carriers. Simply because your cat isn’t likely to be relaxed until finally they’re in their own surrounds again and out of the flippin cat carrier. 

In spite of this I have seen pet merchants advertising stroller cat carriers. The advertising on this item is you can plonk your cat in this particular cat carrier on wheels and take your cat shopping with you. Better still the marketing refers to taking your cat to the park most probably for several hours of pure fright for the cat with all the racket and people! How about the cat carriers that are advertised that we could buy if we were the fitness sort. The actual suggestion is to pack our cat on our back and take a jog. Can you imagine exactly how distressing that will be for the cat? It’ll be flung back and forth and with some painful jolting also. 

This informs me immediately that the person selling these cat carriers understands next to nothing about cats. What silly suggestions plus uses these are for cat carriers. 

Try and think about what it would be like to stick your cat in their stroller cat carrier and set off down the road for your nearby supermarket or shopping centre. Naturally your cat can’t enter into the shopping centre which means you would need to leave him outside supposedly chained to a post. You now would have to ‘lock’ and secure the cat carrier to prevent someone letting your cat out or perhaps pinching the whole lot. And so once you had done with shopping and providing your cat hasn’t disappeared then you would need to go straight to your vets. This is because your poor cat may have virtually died of fear by now as a result of being exposed to such a ridiculous situation. The cat carrier which is supposedly to wear on your back whenever you go out running is simply too silly to even comment about. 

Sadly there will be some cat owners who actually don’t understand cats who might even consider this kind of nonsense seriously and try it out with their cats. Cats are certainly not remotely similar to pet dogs. Their character just isn’t suited to be out going for walks on the streets or even in cars. Furthermore it isn’t safe as accidents happen and the cat could easily get lost. Cat carriers are quite basic plus the reason why we’ve got cat carriers is also pretty simple. None of this has got anything to do with the previously mentioned foolish ideas.

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