Buying The Coolest Dog Toys For A Dog

Dogs just love to play and some high-energy dogs will keep you busy all day if you’ll let them. But there will be times when you’re not around, or you’re just too busy and you need something to keep your dog amused.

This is where dog toys come to the rescue, and these days we’re not talking about a stick or a piece of rope. These days their are some pretty cool toys that will satisfy even the most demanding pooch.

Here are some cool doy toys that I came across. Pick a few for your dog. He’ll love you for it.

Kong Toys – If you have a dog that loves to chew, then a Kong toy is the answer. These rubberized toys and virtually indestructible, so even your Pitbull can chew away for hours and not make much of an impact.

A cool feature of these toys is that they have a hollow center that you can stuff treats into. The dog then has to try and get the treat out, so it’s great for working his problem solving abilities.

Tug-a-War Toys – Dogs love to pull, but beware of cheap rope toys that fray and can be swallowed by your dog.

The people at Kong have invented an ingenious little toy to solve the problem. Basically it’s a pair of rubber balls in a canvas housing with a canvas cord at the end. It’s virtually unbreakable, plus the balls squeak, which adds an extra dimension to the game.

Frisbees – Dogs love chasing a frisbee, but the hard plastic ones are actually dangerous for dogs because they can splinter and cause injury.

If you’re going to get a Frisbee for your dog, go for the Frost Bite Frisbee, which is soft, pliable, and punctures when bitten, rather than shattering.

Puzzles – Dogs are natural problem solvers, so a toy that challenges your dog to work something out in order to earn a treat is a good choice.

One cool puzzle toy is the Squirrel Plushy. This is a plush toy that has smaller toys inside it. The challenge for the dog is to try and get the smaller toys out.

Nylabones – Another good toy for the dog that loves to chew. These rubber, bone-shaped chewing toys are incredible strong, so your dog can gnaw away to his hearts content.

Tuffies – Normal stuffed toys can actually be dangerous because the stuffing can be pulled out and swallowed. Tuffies are stuffed toys made specifically for dogs. They even have ratings based on how difficult they are to break.

Squirrel Dude – This is a clever little toy that has a timer you can set to pop out a treat every couple of minutes. Just watch how your dog waits expectantly for his next titbit to arrive!

Some thing for every dog on this list, I’m sure you’ll agree. And even if you can’t find something here that your dog fancies, shop around there are tons of choices these days.

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