Stress Over Heartworm Treatment Medication Shortage Throughout the US

Recently the really serious scarcity of the medication referred to as Immiticide has been generally publicised. This isn’t a medication for the treatment of people, but the medication utilized for treatment of dogs who have contracted adult heartworm. This scarcity would not be such a serious worry for people who own dogs if there was in fact a different medication which might be used as a substitute – but the fact is, there’s only one medication for this specific purpose which has Food and drug administration approval – and which is Immiticide.

This is a short slideshow I produced about Immiticide and its application for heartworm cure. As you are going to discover, it is critical that dogs afflicted with mature worms can have this specific procedure if they are to get better.

On my website, Heartworm Treatment For Dogs, I have got various messages by dog owners whose dogs screened positive for heartworm and that will need life-saving treatment. One pet owner reported he had to hold out eight weeks until his dog could have the Immiticide shots because supplies needed to be procured from Europe. You can view a copy of the notification by Meriel, the makers for Immiticide which they provided vets about the recent scarcity by using this website link, letter from Meriel (pdf is available from the FDA website)

This really is a really critical state of affairs and also one that has happened previously; and so this isn’t a new occurrence and there is quite a lot of anger as well as frustration amongst owners that this situation could have actually been allowed to happen once more.

Concerned owners have their dogs put on the waiting list to get treatment, prolonging the pain connected with what is definitely a really stress filled time. Veterinarians do have a protocol for maintaining dogs for the duration of this waiting period of time and this involves looking after these with medications usually used for heartworm protection in order to kill off juvenile larvae and to prevent the situation from getting even worse. Nonetheless, this does not come with out its dangers and there definitely seems to be too little information and facts about if the existing scarcity will finish and also what, if anything at all, is being done to avoid it from re-occurring in the future.

Guidance for now will be to make sure that if your pet dog has screened positive for heartworm that you just make sure a veterinarian keeps track of his situation carefully whilst he’s on preventatives and waiting around for treatment using Immiticide as soon as supplies come to be available. You need to additionally avoid your dog taking any energetic exercise whilst you are waiting for him to have heartworm treatment.

If the dog is waiting for heartworm remedy and you may have been affected by the immiticide shortage and would like extra information and facts about this topic and anything related to heartworm treatment and dog heartworm medicine please make sure to use the link to pay a visit to my web site.

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