Picking The Best Dog Toys For A Dog

Dogs just love to play and some high-energy dogs will keep you busy all day if you’ll let them. But there will be times when you’re not around, or you’re just too busy and you need something to keep your dog amused.

For these occasions, there are dog toys, and with the dizzying array of choices available these days, you’re sure to find something that your dog will love.

Pick a few from the list below and you’ll be able to keep your dog happy, and out of mischief, when you’re not around.

Kong Toys – If you have a dog that loves to chew, then a Kong toy is the answer. These rubberized toys and virtually indestructible, so even your Pitbull can chew away for hours and not make much of an impact.

The cool thing is they also have a hollow center for you to put treats in. Your dog will be fully occupied trying to get at the treat, and it’s great for working his brain too.

Pull Toys – Tug-a-war is a favorite game of many dogs, but unfortunately many of the cheap pull toys on the market soon fray and break.

Kong offers a solution here too, a clever little toy that is basically two rubber balls in a canvas holder and with a canvas rope attached. Very hard to break, and the balls squeak too, just to make the game more interesting for your dog.

Frisbees – For dogs that love to chase, Frisbees can be a lot of fun, but beware of plastic discs. They can shatter quite easily when bitten, and can cause serious injury.

The best disc to use for dog games is the Frost Bite Frisbee which is made of a soft, pliable plastic that punctures when the dog bites it rather than shattering. It flies pretty good too!

Puzzles – Dogs are natural problem solvers, so a toy that challenges your dog to work something out in order to earn a treat is a good choice.

One rather clever contraption is the Squirrel Plushy. This is a soft toy, with other toys hidden inside it. The dog has to figure out how to get the small toys out.

Nylabones – Another good toy for the dog that loves to chew. These rubber, bone-shaped chewing toys are incredible strong, so your dog can gnaw away to his hearts content.

Tuffies – These are stuffed toys made specifically with dogs in mind. They are strong and durable, and even come with “toughness” ratings. So you can get one to suit your Pomeranian or even one that your Bull Terrier will have a hard time breaking.

Squirrel Dude – This is one of my dog’s favorites. The Squirrel Dude is a rubber toy with a timer that you can set to dispense treats at regular intervals – kind of like a canine vending machine.

Some thing for every dog on this list, I’m sure you’ll agree. And even if you can’t find something here that your dog fancies, shop around there are tons of choices these days.

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