Worries About Heartworm Treatment Medication Shortage In the US

Recently the severe scarcity of the medicine referred to as Immiticide has been widely in the news. It is not a medicine for treating people, but the medicine made use of in the treatment of pet dogs who have contracted adult heartworm. This particular scarcity wouldn’t be such a severe worry for people who own dogs if there had been another medicine which could be utilised as a substitute – but the reality is, there’s just one medicine for this specific purpose that has Food and drug administration endorsement – and that is Immiticide.

The following is a short slideshow I produced regarding Immiticide and its use with respect to heartworm treatment. As you can discover, it is critical that dogs suffering from mature worms can have this specific procedure so that they can make a recovery.

On my website, Heartworm Treatment For Dogs, I have received many messages by pet owners whose dogs have screened positive for heartworm and who have to have life-saving treatment. One dog owner reported he had to hold out 2 months before his own pet could have these Immiticide injections because supplies needed to be sourced out of the EU. You can see a copy of the notification by Meriel, the makers for Immiticide that they have mailed to veterinarians in connection with current scarcity through this weblink, Immiticide shortage letter (pdf is available from the FDA site)

It is a really serious situation and also one that has taken place previously; so it is not a whole new occurrence and there is quite a lot of fury and also frustration among dog owners that this scenario could have been allowed to happen again.

Anxious dog owners are having their pet dogs placed on the waiting list to get treatment, prolonging the agony associated with what’s already a really stressful time. Veterinarians have a protocol for maintaining pet dogs through this waiting time period and this involves looking after these with medications ordinarily utilized for heartworm prevention to help wipe out juvenile larvae and to prevent the scenario from getting a whole lot worse. Even so, this does not come without having its challenges and there looks to be a lack of data about when the present scarcity will finish and also what, if anything at all, is being carried out to avoid it from re-occurring in the future.

Guidance meantime is to make sure if your dog has screened positive for heartworm that you just be sure a veterinarian keeps track of his situation carefully whilst he’s on preventative drugs and waiting for treatment with Immiticide once stocks come to be available. You need to additionally prevent your pet dog having any kind of vigorous exercise whilst you’re waiting for him to get heartworm treatment.

If your pet is waiting for heartworm remedy and you may have been affected by the immiticide shortage and would like additional information on this matter and anything related to heartworm treatment and heartworm treatment for dogs be sure to make use of the link in order to check out my internet site.

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