Fun Dog Toys To Buy For Your Dog

Dogs are bundles of energy who just love to play and can keep going all day. But unfortunately, someone has to pay the bills, so what do you do when you’re at work and your dog is home alone and needs to be kept amused?

This is where dog toys come in handy. And these days dog toys come in hundreds of varieties so there’s a toy out there to suit every kind of dog.

Here are some cool doy toys that I came across. Pick a few for your dog. He’ll love you for it.

Kong Toys – Chewing is a favorite pastime of many dogs and if you want to keep your dog away from your new shoes or TV remote, you’d better give him something to chew on! Kong makes a virtually indestructible range of rubberized chew toys that will keep even the most avid chewer occupied for hours.

The cool thing is they also have a hollow center for you to put treats in. Your dog will be fully occupied trying to get at the treat, and it’s great for working his brain too.

Tug-a-War Rope – Many dogs enjoy pulling games, but you need a pull toy that won’t fray or break after a couple of rounds.

Kong offers a solution here too, a clever little toy that is basically two rubber balls in a canvas holder and with a canvas rope attached. Very hard to break, and the balls squeak too, just to make the game more interesting for your dog.

Frisbees – For dogs that love to chase, Frisbees can be a lot of fun, but beware of plastic discs. They can shatter quite easily when bitten, and can cause serious injury.

If you’re going to get a Frisbee for your dog, go for the Frost Bite Frisbee, which is soft, pliable, and punctures when bitten, rather than shattering.

Puzzles – Dogs are actually very good at working things out and giving your dog a puzzle to solve will keep him occupied for hours on end.

One cool puzzle toy is the Squirrel Plushy. This is a plush toy that has smaller toys inside it. The challenge for the dog is to try and get the smaller toys out.

Nylabones – These tough, bone-shaped toys are all but indestructible, and are a must for any dog that enjoys a good chew.

Tuffies – As the name suggests these are tough, durable stuffed toys made especially for dogs. They are graded according to how difficult they are too break, so you can get one for your Yorkie, and a tougher one for your Doberman.

Squirrel Dude – This is a clever little toy that has a timer you can set to pop out a treat every couple of minutes. Just watch how your dog waits expectantly for his next titbit to arrive!

Whatever your dog enjoys doing you’re bound to find something on this list they he will love. And if you don’t, shop around, the dog toy market has literally exploded in recent years, so there’s plenty of choice available.

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