Heartworm Medicine Immiticide Scarcity Still Inside The US

Recently the serious scarcity of a medication referred to as Immiticide has been extensively in the news. It is not a medication for the treatment of people, but the medication used for healing of dogs who have contracted adult heartworm. This particular scarcity wouldn’t be such a major fear for people who own dogs if there was an additional medication which could be used as an alternative – but the truth is, there’s just one medication for this purpose which has Food and drug administration approval – and that’s Immiticide.

This is a brief slideshow That I produced on the subject of Immiticide and its application with respect to heartworm therapy. As you can discover, it is essential that pet dogs affected by mature worms will be able to have this procedure if they are to make a recovery.

On my own website, Heartworm Treatment For Dogs, I’ve been sent a number of messages from dog owners whose pet dogs tested positive for heartworm and who have to have life-saving therapy. One dog owner noted that he was required to hold out eight weeks until his own dog could get these Immiticide injections since supplies needed to be sourced out of the EU. You can view a copy of a notification from Meriel, the manufacturers of Immiticide that they provided vets concerning the recent scarcity by using this link, Immiticide shortage letter (pdf is obtainable from the FDA site)

It’s a really severe problem and one that’s taken place previously; so this isn’t a new occurrence and there is some anger and frustration among pet owners that this scenario could have actually been permitted to happen again.

Worried pet owners have their dogs put on the waiting list to get therapy, extending the pain connected with what’s already a really stress filled time. Veterinarians have a protocol designed for maintaining dogs through this waiting period of time which involves treating them with medications normally used for heartworm protection in order to kill off juvenile larvae and to avoid the scenario from becoming a whole lot worse. However, this doesn’t come without having its risks and there seems to be an absence of data with regards to when this current scarcity will end and just what, if anything, is being done to avoid it from happening again down the road.

Guidance for now will be to make certain that if your dog has tested positive for heartworm that you just be certain a veterinarian keeps track of his condition closely whilst he is on preventative drugs and waiting around for therapy with Immiticide as soon as supplies become available. You ought to additionally prevent your pet dog having any energetic physical exercise whilst you are waiting for him or her to get heartworm therapy.

If a dog is waiting for heartworm therapy and you’ve recently been impacted by this immiticide shortage and want additional information and facts about this subject and anything related to heartworm therapy and preventative dog heartworm medicine please use the link to check out my internet site.

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