Stress Over Heartworm Treatment Medication Scarcity Throughout the US

Lately the really serious scarcity of a drug named Immiticide has been generally reported. It is not a drug for the treatment of humans, but the drug made use of for healing of dogs who have contracted adult heartworm. This particular scarcity wouldn’t be such a severe fear for pet owners if there was another drug that might be made use of as an alternative – but the reality is, there is just one drug for this purpose which has Food and drug administration authorization – and which is Immiticide.

The following is a brief slideshow That I made on the subject of Immiticide and its application with regards to heartworm treatment. As you will view, it is vital that pet dogs suffering from mature worms are able to receive this procedure so that they can recover.

On my own site, Heartworm Treatment For Dogs, I’ve received a number of messages from pet owners whose pet dogs have screened positive for heartworm and who need life-saving therapy. One pet owner noted he needed to delay 2 months until his pet could get these Immiticide injections since supplies had to be procured out of the EU. You can view a copy of a notification from Meriel, the manufacturers for Immiticide that they have provided veterinarians concerning the present scarcity by making use of this website link, Meriel letter (pdf file is obtainable from the FDA website)

This really is a really severe problem and one that’s taken place previously; hence this isn’t a new phenomenon and there is certainly a bit of anger and frustration amongst owners that this situation could have been allowed to arise once more.

Anxious owners are having their own dogs added to the waiting list to get therapy, extending the agony connected with what’s without a doubt a very difficult time. Veterinarians have a protocol intended for maintaining dogs throughout this waiting period of time which involves treating them with medications typically used for heartworm protection in order to wipe out juvenile larvae and to avoid the situation from getting even worse. However, this will not come without dangers and there definitely seems to be too little information and facts regarding when the present scarcity will finish and precisely what, if anything, is being done to prevent it from happening again down the road.

Guidance meanwhile is to ensure if your dog has screened positive for heartworm you make certain your vet keeps track of his problem carefully whilst he’s on preventive medicine and waiting around for therapy with Immiticide as soon as stocks become obtainable. You must also avoid your dog taking any vigorous physical exercise whilst you are waiting for him or her to have heartworm therapy.

If the pet is waiting for heartworm treatment and you’ve recently been affected by the immiticide shortage and need extra information and facts about this subject and everything relevant to heartworm therapy and preventative dog heartworm medicine please make sure to use the link to pay a visit to my internet site.

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