Heartworm Medicine Immiticide Scarcity Still In The US

Recently the severe shortage of the medication named Immiticide has been generally publicised. This is not a medication for the treatment of humans, but the medication utilized for treatment of canines infected with adult heartworm. This particular shortage would not be such a severe anxiety for owners if there was an additional medication which might be utilized instead – but the reality is, there’s just one medication for this specific purpose that has Food and drug administration authorization – and that’s Immiticide.

This is a brief slideshow I created on the subject of Immiticide and its use with respect to heartworm treatment. As you are going to see, it is essential that dogs afflicted with mature worms are able to have this therapy if they are to make a recovery.

Heartworm Treatment

On my website, Heartworm Treatment For Dogs, I’ve received a number of messages by dog owners whose dogs have screened positive for heartworm and who will need life-saving treatment. One dog owner reported he needed to wait 2 months before his own dog could get the Immiticide shots for the reason that supplies had to be sourced out of the EU. You can view a copy of the document by Meriel, the manufacturers for Immiticide which they have mailed to vets regarding the present shortage through this website link, Meriel letter (pdf is available on the FDA web site)

This really is a really critical situation and also one that has taken place previously; so this is not a new phenomenon and there is a bit of fury as well as aggravation among owners that this situation could have been permitted to happen once more.

Concerned owners are having their own canines added to the waiting list to get treatment, prolonging the agony connected with what’s already a really traumatic time. Veterinarians have a good protocol for maintaining canines in the course of this waiting time period and this involves treating them with drugs commonly utilized for heartworm protection to help destroy juvenile larvae and prevent the situation from becoming worse. Even so, this will not come without risks and there is definitely too little information and facts regarding when this existing shortage will end and also just what, if anything at all, is being done to avoid this from re-occurring in the future.

Advice in the meantime will be to make sure if your dog has screened positive for heartworm you be certain your veterinarian monitors his problem closely while he’s on preventive medicine and waiting for treatment with Immiticide once supplies become obtainable. You should also avoid your dog taking any energetic exercise while you’re waiting for him or her to have heartworm treatment.

If your dog is waiting for heartworm remedy and you may have also been affected by this immiticide shortage and want additional information and facts about this topic and everything relevant to heartworm treatment and preventative dog heartworm medicine I highly recommend you use the link to go to my website.

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