Concerns During Heartworm Treatment Medication Shortage In the US

Lately a really serious scarcity of the medicine referred to as Immiticide has been generally in the news. This is not a medicine for the treatment of humans, but a medicine utilized for the treatment of canines infected with adult heartworm. This scarcity wouldn’t be such a major anxiety for pet owners if there was in fact a different medicine which could be used instead – however the truth is, there’s just one medicine for this specific purpose which has FDA endorsement – and that is Immiticide.

This is a brief slideshow That I made regarding Immiticide and its application with regards to heartworm cure. As you will discover, it is essential that pet dogs suffering from mature worms will be able to receive this particular procedure so that they can get better.

Heartworm Treatment

On my internet site, Heartworm Treatment For Dogs, I have got various messages by dog owners whose pet dogs tested positive for heartworm and that will need life-saving therapy. One dog owner reported that he needed to wait eight weeks until his dog could have the Immiticide shots because supplies had to be procured from Europe. You can see a copy of the notification by Meriel, the manufacturers of Immiticide which they sent to veterinarians in connection with the current scarcity through this weblink, letter from Meriel (pdf file can be obtained on the FDA website)

This really is a really serious state of affairs and also one that’s happened in the past; so this isn’t a new occurrence and there is quite a lot of anger and also frustration among pet owners that this scenario could have actually been allowed to arise again.

Worried pet owners have their own canines placed on a waiting list for therapy, extending the agony of what’s already a really difficult time. Veterinarians do have a protocol for maintaining canines throughout this waiting time period and this entails treating these with medicines commonly used for heartworm prevention in order to kill off juvenile larvae and also to avoid the scenario from getting worse. Nevertheless, this will not come with out risks and there looks to be an absence of details with regards to when the existing scarcity will end and also precisely what, if anything, is being done to stop this from re-occurring down the road.

Advice while waiting will be to make sure if your dog has tested positive for heartworm that you be certain your vet keeps track of his problem meticulously whilst he’s on preventative drugs and waiting around for therapy using Immiticide when supplies come to be available. You ought to also prevent your pet having any energetic physical exercise whilst you are waiting for him or her to have heartworm therapy.

If the dog is waiting for heartworm remedy and you have also been affected by the immiticide shortage and need extra information and facts on this subject and everything related to heartworm therapy and preventative dog heartworm medicine please make sure to make use of the link to go to my website.

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